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Semi Permanent Eyelashes Extensions

Updated on October 7, 2010

Eyelash extensions are the new fad. Putting on fake eyelashes is so time consuming and they are not guaranteed to stay all day. Do not be mistaken false eyelashes are not the permanent eyelash extension. If you want those beautiful, full, and long eyelashes without the shaky hands, crooked lashes, then why not try semi permanent eyelash extensions.

What is Semi Permanent Eyelashes Extensions?
Eyelash extensions are like hair extensions. They last from two weeks to two months. The eyelash is a synthetic, single strand of fiber that is glued to your actual eyelash not eyelids. This creates the fuller look. These eyelashes feel so natural you won't recognize them until someone compliments your long lashes. In order to maintain these lashes you must have this redone every two to three months. You can receive any size from five millimeters to a long fifteen millimeters.

The Procedure

The procedure for semi permanent eyelash extensions is each lash is applied one by one to your eyelashes creating that longer and fuller eyelash. An eyelash is singled out and a synthetic lash is glued to the top of your own eyelash one millimeter from the eyelid so the glue or the lash has no contact with the skin. This procedure for a whole set of lashes takes about one hour, forty-five minutes for half a set, and one hour for touch ups.

This is such a relaxing procedure, patients often fall asleep during the procedure. This procedure is very time consuming, and cannot be rushed. Remember they do one lash at a time. This procedure has to be done by a trained professional. If you need to open your eyes during procedure notify the person doing them because there are two sharp tweezers that help with the installation of the lashes. When you show up for your procedure, make sure you are not wearing any type of makeup. If you have fair eyelashes the technician asks that they be tinted before getting the eyelash extension.

Video: Eyelash Extensions Procedure

Pros & Cons

Some benefits, pros, and advantages to having a semi permanent eyelash extension is having beautiful lashes everyday. With these new lashes you won't have to wear mascara, so no more runny black mess, or clumpy eyelashes. If you are starting to get that unwanted gray hair you can change the color of your lash extension. The eyelash extensions come in black, purple, navy, pink, and red.

These extensions will draw attention to your eyes for days to come. Another benefit is this is a painless procedure. They are definitely safe in the shower, swimming pools, and saunas. When the heat is turned up you won't have to worry about them falling out. This is a perfect idea for people who wear contact lenses or who can't wear mascara. The lashes themselves don't weigh anything. They are as natural as the eyelashes you were born with. There is no age requirement for having a semi permanent eyelash extension.

Some disadvantages are you can't get the lashes wet for up to twelve hours after procedure or use as steam room for up to forty eight hours. This procedure is very expensive. Most insurance companies do not cover cosmetic procedures and eyelash extensions are cosmetic. Do not rub and scratch your eyes after your procedure, this can cause the extension to fall out. Also do not catch your eyelashes on your clothes or towels. When washing your face blot your face dry to avoid the loss of the extensions and your own eyelash. You cannot use a curler or perm on your new eyelash. After a shower it may look as if you need to blow dry those new, thicker, and longer lashes.

Do not blow dry them, allow time for them to air dry. You can't use eye makeup remover with any kind of oil in them. Wearing mascara will lessen the life of your new eyelashes. Besides with the new eyelash extension you shouldn't want to wear any mascara. It is very important to keep up personal hygiene. If you don't wash you could get an eye infection whether you wear extensions or not. The less you touch those eyelash extensions the longer they will last. Just let all the compliments tell you how beautiful they really are. If you have eye allergies or any kind of sensitivity around the eyes this is not a good decision. A sad but true fact is if you have curly eyelashes they cannot get an extension to fit right on the eye. A risk like any other is an eye infection after the procedure. Another big disadvantage is that a technician doesn't know when your current eyelash will fall out therefore after the procedure you may have some to fall out.

Eyelash Extensions Before and After

If for any reason you are unhappy with your extensions you can remove them. You have to go back in for another appointment and the technician will remove them.

Even after having this procedure the growth of your own eyelashes will continue. Yes your eyelashes will continue to fall out during the growth cycle. Each day you lose up to five eyelashes this is very common. An eyelash cycle is twenty five to twenty eight days.

How much it costs?
The price are vary. For half set package (20-30 lashes per eye), it costs about $100-$150. For full set package (31-50 lashes per eye), it costs about $150-$200. For Glamour/Colour set (51-70 lashes per eye), it costs about $200-$300.

Last Words

If you are tired of fighting with those fake eyelashes then stop. Find you a trustworthy technician who will quote you a price and do the job. Find someone with experience, because these are the only set of eyes you will have. If you are ready for those long, thick, younger looking eyelashes now is the time to get those extensions. Having these semi permanent eyelash extensions will stop the fuss and rush in the morning.

No more waking up late and then hands not cooperating with trying to put on fake eyelashes. Just get up, get your bath, put on your makeup (without mascara because you won't need it anymore) get dressed and go on your way to a day full of compliments. These eyelashes are guaranteed to make you feel better and have that self confidence you need to deal with people everyday.


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    • Debra Robson profile image

      Debra Robson 

      4 years ago

      In this post you have highlighted all the important aspects of Semi Permanent Eyelashes Extensions. We work at Debra Robson LDN, a permanent makeup clinic and we have a range of bespoke treatments that add sparkle to your eyes and make your lashes look thicker and eyes more defined with delicate definition and a sprinkling of colour. I recommend you to try our new i-Candy and i-Power treatments to help you get the fabulous glamorous eyes all day long. Learn about our fabulous eyeliner treatments

    • AdinaH profile image


      4 years ago from UK

      Nice hub!

      I recently had mine done. I was a bit slow off the bat because of the cost - I am living in London at the moment and everything tends to be more expensive here than other parts of the UK anyway, but I finally bit the bullet. I must say they look great and although it has been 4 weeks since I had them done, they are lasting really well.

      Thanks Janette! ( - if anyone is interested!)


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