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Perpetrators often smear in women

Updated on May 5, 2016

Melasma caused by sun

Melasma is common in women after childbirth and older women
The sun shines on the skin stimulates the synthesis of melanin to protect skin cells from the oxidative effects of ultraviolet rays. However, the cost of this cover is transported dark skin visibly. When the sun affects the skin too long and too intense, the Melanin production increased sharply, making Melanin is unevenly distributed on the facial area. This is the reason why skin darken when exposed to the sun, and he appeared darker skin pigmentation than.

Hormonal disorders - dangerous culprit smear

Female hormone disorders, especially estrogen during pregnancy and menopause is the underlying cause of the syndrome pregnancy masks and women's skin pigmentation. Estrogen is the hormone regulation because the characteristics of females like chestnut skin smooth, soft and sexy body curves, breasts develop ...
When the production of estrogen disorders, subcutaneous fat loss makes skin wrinkled and less elastic than before external agents. When coupled with hormonal disorders, mechanisms of melanin synthesis occurs normally do not appear much darker spots, but people still called melasma. Hormonal disorders are the most common cause of causing skin pigmentation of women. And this situation will melasma exacerbated under the action of sunlight.

Melasma caused by cosmetic habits

Cosmetics is the way that women of her exalted beauty. But sometimes it also brings side effects not small for skin health of women. The over use of cosmetics can cause skin to "asphyxia" breathe, know-pores and the process of metabolism and excretion of skin trouble.

Besides, some ingredients in cosmetics as skin dryness, peeling skin makes the skin thinner and decrease resistance to the effects of ultraviolet light and sunlight.
In addition, some habits are not good to use cosmetics as not removing make before bed, careful not makeup remover, used dirty brushes or use cosmetics too shelf can poison your skin. This major work habits appear stretch marks and can make skin pigmentation were more severe.

Negative mental state is also the cause of melasma

Melasma is mainly caused by hormonal disorders and the effects of the sun
The negatively as stress, prolonged anxiety, emotional stress, the work could lead to pigmentation, dry skin, acne and skin pigmentation especially. The reason for the negative spirit can make more and more bold traces because the relationship with the brain's hypothalamus. Where the central nerve transmits signals that the process of biosynthesis of estrogen is also where control emotional joys and sorrows, of human anxiety. So emotional problems as the culprit also indirectly make increasingly severe melasma.

The main negative spirit is also the reason why premenopausal women more prone to pigmentation. As this is the period scrambling in life, both psychologically and physiologically women are affected makes the spiritual life of the sisters are very insecure. So, melasma choice outbreak opportunity when a woman walked into menopause.

Melasma - side effects of pharmaceutical drugs

When using the drug to treat some medical conditions can occur side effects to the skin. Dry-prone skin, pigmentation. It was the drugs that induce sun as tetracycline, Sulfamid, thiazide diuretics group, antiallergic Phenergan, sedatives Chlopromazin ...

Causes of skin pigmentation caused by diet

Diet lacking in fresh fruits, shortage of water and essential nutrients as well as a catalyst, accelerate the process of skin pigmentation. These foods congest the skin, making the traces become more severe, more widespread as alcohol, coffee and spices cause melasma.

Genetic skin pigmentation?

Heredity is a factor that few people think about but it is an important factor leading to the development of skin pigmentation. In a family, if one of the parents were burnt child, their children are also very vulnerable to early nám. Besides, skin pigmentation often occurs in Asia, Spain, Portugal and Latin America.

In addition to the above factors, sometimes by the skin pigmentation environment too toxic. Women working in mines, asphalt or exposure to lead more often prone to pigmentation than others. You need to understand the reasons causing melasma on my face to be able to choose the secret safest cure melasma and pigmentation treatments are most effective.


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