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Petite Homecoming Dresses

Updated on April 5, 2011

Petite Women

The word “petite” is used for those women who are thin, slender and have short height.

The Hollywood beautiful and attractive girls which include-

The Mexican starlet- Salma Hayek, (5’3)

Canadian Oscar nominee- Ellen Page (5’1)

Natalie Portman (5’3) - the actress who came into lime light after shaving her head for the role in “V for vendetta”

Sarah Jessica parker (5’3)-who is known to have played the role of Carrie, in the show “sex in the city”.

Hayden Panetterie (5’1) -became famous for her role in “Raising Helen”

Why go far, our very own Rani Mukherjee, who has made her way all by herself in bollywood and has won film fares for “the best actress” 4 times at a stretch. All they want to prove is that tall girls always do not make into Bollywood or Hollywood, and neither do they always take away the limelight. Short ones seem to be even more noteworthy.

All of them are not only listed for their height but also for the position that they have achieved for themselves as actresses, but also for their ability, that they are able to make their short height ,their pride.

Some tips for petite “women”:-

Generally women under the tag of petite (generally under 5’3) often find difficulty in grappling with good stuff for themselves, especially when it comes to outfits with modern cuts and styles. If one is below the height of 5’3(1.64m) shall definitely feel underestimated at seeing an enviable sight of   Kate Moss and Keira Knightly with towering frames and carrying off any attire with composure and aplomb.

Most of us know that dark colors, especially black makes you look slimmer and taller. Probably this is the only reason as why many women go for black while choosing an outfit for themselves. No more wrapping you in black attire. Here are a few ways rather techniques which can help you get out of the “black magic”.

With a little bit of creativity, good imagination and smart shopping spree is all that can help you stay updated with present fashion trends.

Here are a few fashion tips which can make wonders for you

 A vertical striped outfit can definitely give you a taller and a thinner look. Even one vertical strip design can be definitely make a noticeable difference

 Coming to tops and dresses, make vertical stripes your favorites. They elongate your silhouette and give you a taller and a leaner look

 Always wear clothes that fit you well. Avoid garments having lots of designs. Especially big floral prints.

 Chose jackets and tops which have V or U shaped neck, creating an illusion of a height.

 Coming down to the toes, go for pointed flats, if you are unable to carry heels.

 Heels make you look taller, no doubt, but it even elongates your legs and give a skinnier look to your ankles.

 There are loads of options for petite women who are into skirts, just below the knee or above the knee. A skirt with heels gives your legs an elongated look. Thus making your body frame proportionate.

 When it comes to jeans, boot cut jeans, with a little flares give you a taller and a leaner look. But make sure they are of right length; otherwise they can swamp your figure.

Sleek cut maxi dress with stilettos give elongating looks.

 Chose your perfect cut, for the trousers. They can be your best friend, but if opted for a wrong cut, that might be a disaster.

Things to Avoid

 Avoid dresses and skirts with bright and wide floral prints. Instead buy vertical lining skirts.

Contrary to what many people believe long skirts do not give the illusion of an extra height that you crave for.

 Never cut your body into a half. That means, do not wear belts around your waists, exposing them. Instead wear it just under your bust line (empire line).

 Avoid mixing prints, color and designs. Instead go for a monochromatic combination.

 Never go for skirts which have horizontal stripes. These give you a fatter look. Especially around your waist line.

A vertical stripe gives your silhouette an elongated look and gives you a taller and a leaner look.

 Avoid going for big floral prints.

v Avoid over sized hand bags. They can steal the look of your garment away.

Some of the petite inexpensive homecoming dresses that you should go for are:-

v Pink Inexpensive Sweetheart Sequined Homecoming Dress: -

This silhouette gown with a sweetheart neckline gives you a very gorgeous and elegant look.

v Strapless Princess Homecoming Inexpensive Dresses with Sequin Pattern: -

It is a strapless silhouette gown with a back zipper closure. It is a short length skirt with gleaming sequin pattern on it.

v Black Halter Empire Cut Hot Homecoming Gown: -

This halter, sleeveless, one piece dress with a white satin ribbon around the empire waist is a beautiful dress.

v Mini Satin High-Collar Homecoming Gown: -

This pink color, high collar dress is a perfect cocktail wear. Its perfect fitting gives your body a beautiful shape.

v Strapless Satin Full Length Homecoming Dress: -

It is a beautiful full length princess cut gown. It is a strapless dress with tight pleats on one side giving it a very different and attractive look.

At the end of the day all you have to remember is to flaunt your enhanced height with the kind of attire you carry. You should also have enough confidence to feel good about the dress you are wearing as well about yourself. No matter how stunning your dress is or how good you are looking, if you do not have the confidence then nothing will work for you.


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