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Pettipants - frills and ruffles

Updated on August 11, 2011

If you like feminine frilly garments such as petticoats, then you’re going to love pettipants. These are a kind of modest lingerie that used to be worn under the petticoat when it was fashionable. Pettipants also have layers of ruffles, making them the perfect addition to the petticoat and also adding even more pretty frills and ruffles to the whole outfit. You can buy pettipants in most shops that also supply the petticoat at very affordable prices. These are dance wear stores (especially square dance) and also cross dress shops sometimes have pettipants because they’re a beautiful accessory to the sissy dress.

Thank you Chrissie for this pic
Thank you Chrissie for this pic

Types of Pettipants

The defining feature of pettipants are the ruffles. They’re normally made of softer fabrics like satin and nylon. Pettipants also come in any length from the size of shorts all the way down to almost the ankles. Those long pettipants are also sometimes called bloomers or sissy pettipants. Now I wonder where the latter name comes from ;). Even the very long ones have ruffles that go all the way down to the bottom which makes for a cute and pretty sight. So pettipants are generally more concealing than panties which is why they’re considered modest by me at least.

The colors are usually white or pink so if you want other colors they might be harder to find in some shops. I suppose white and pink are just more suited for the character of these kind of panties.

Pettipants in Today’s Fashion

Well they’re really something from the past I’m afraid. I think the only people who might wear them today are square dancers and cross dressers. Isn’t it a shame how modern fashion has kind of moved away from frills of that kind. I guess I wouldn’t wear them either so who am I to talk? But I do hope we might one day see a revival of the petticoat style along with the matching panties.

Crossdressing and Pettipants

They can be very popular with cross dressers, which is why you’re probably going to find more of them in a crossdressing shop than in a regular dance wear shop. I’m not sure what exactly the appeal is given that you already have a frilly petticoat over the top. I can only say what I really like about them and that is that they express a very innocent and modest kind of femininity which is so beautiful to see in men.

Do also check out my article on mens panties.

If you like pettipants as a cross dresser then please let us know what in particular you like about them. Is it the material itself or perhaps the ruffles? I’m always curious to know more about the ins and outs of peoples’ minds – especially crossdressers.


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    • Byonder5 profile image

      Hillary Burton 

      5 years ago from UK

      Pettipants are a lovely concept. They are very hard to find but should I find any in a size 12 in a nice shiny medium thickness white nylon for example then they will be destined to cover my wife's modesty, to be worn under a nylon slip.

      I imagine there would be an exciting 'nylon on nylon' with this combo

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      i have only just found petti pants online and i think they are the most beautiful knickers i have found.I will be clearing out my knicker draw to replace them all with petti pants even my french knickers will be replaced.petti pants are just gorgeous,lacy frilly they fit every crossdresses fantasies.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      To Rickie: There *are* women who would flatter you and play with you in your lingerie. LOADS of them. Don't give up hope!

      (I myself adore Eddie Izzard, transvestite comic, but only find him sexy when he's wearing women's style clothing; when he's dressed as a man, and with a beard, I think he's the opposite of hot! My personal dream is that Eddie would marry me, and we could have so much fun with clothes and such. So there!)

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Lucy you seem to understand why some men love women's lingerie to dress up in and get excited all the while wearing a particular item. I think it part doing something that most people would find objectionable but there is no high like wearing shimmering nylon petti pants under your boring male clothing. I have been doing all the life since puberty! I see nothing wrong with it but it cost me one wife and I am not going to try again. I would love a woman to flatter me and play with me in my lingerie. Yes, as the above said, nylon is the turn on and it must be women's wear and not something for a guy. I cannot stop praising my love for lingerie and pettipants are my favorite.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Pettipants! I only discovered them online a few years ago. Must have been looking at a squaredancing space. Anyway, I always wanted a pair and lo and behold, I obtained some via ebay.

      OMG! To die for. Its the wonderful feel of beautiful, soft material around an especially senstive area. We guys don't have that usually, but now I often wear a pair of pettipants to work beneath my traditional underwear.

    • Rikkie Lee profile image

      Rikkie Lee 

      7 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      Lucy you're such a doll ... highlighting so many of the really pretty things that (some) girls and boys love to wear! Pettipants do belong in that category of frilly, lacy (sissy) lingerie and I suppose that is so much of their appeal. But they are also very comfortable to wear as they have a lot of stretch with their multiple bands of elastic threads where each band of lace is sewn on, and their wide nylon gusset. I'd imagine I have about 15 pairs of them in many lovely colours, but not so fortunate as to have a full petticoat for each of my pettipants. Other than the wite and pink you mentioned, my favourite vintage ones in my pettipant drawer are fire-engine red, navey blue, light blue, apricot, brown, black and minty green. Modern ones are available in almost any colour. I'm more attached to my vintage collection because I'm pretty sure that they once belonged to a gen girl, and now they are mine, and that's so special to me!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      My first appreciation for pettipants were from JCP. Especially in the frigid weather north under jeans were much better than cotton long underwear. The do not bind up, enable jeans to move easily and are available in lengths from 14 inches to ankle length.


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