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Phoenix Tattoo Meaning

Updated on October 9, 2013

What is the Phoenix Tattoo Meaning?

The Phoenix is a mystical bird that represents rebirth. Often, if people have been through some kind of a difficult experience in their life, they may have this tattoo inked because it is a reminder of an incredible survival story. The phoenix is a legendary bird that has a few different meanings, but the most common phoenix tattoo meaning is the concept of rising out of the ashes.

Design of the Phoenix

Some tattoo artists will ink a Phoenix in a solid color, like red, while others will add a variety of different colors. It mostly depends upon what the person being inked is looking for and how much freedom they are allowing to the artist to create their tattoo. The bird itself is generally brightly colored and is depicted as flying in an upward motion from ashes, generally triumphant. Bright colors including oranges, yellows and reds are the main colors that are used because they are symbolic of fire, vibrancy or the sun.

Phoenix tattoos are generally inked on both men and women, but in different locations. Women will usually have the bird tattooed on their back near their tailbone or on their stomach while men tend to have them applied to their arms. When it comes to phoenix tattoo meaning, both men and women embrace the symbol equally as a sign of recovery and a new chance at life.

Phoenix Tattoo Meaning for Wearers

Most people who have a phoenix tattoo will have some type of a story to tell as to why they chose to receive this special tattoo. The bird can be applied with dark inks or colorful inks, but either way it conveys a powerful symbolism that allows the tattoo artist a great deal of freedom. The bird can be small, medium or large and can convey any message that the person who is inked wants to convey, because it is a story that they hold deep within their heart.

In the Chinese culture, the phoenix was an important symbol during ancient times. The Chinese Empress was the only person permitted to wear the phoenix which was said to represent the union of both yin and yang which is a symbol of virtue and of grace unified. In Japanese culture the phoenix is often shown together with the sun or a dragon which represents a combination of feminine and masculine.

For many people, the phoenix tattoo meaning is a combination of purification from the fire's heat (going through a very tough time in life) and the transformation of becoming a new person once you have lived through that tough time. The phoenix can be a representation of certain admirable qualities of a person such as being someone that can be counted on for anything or having a sense of duty and carrying that through. It can also symbolize kindness which is a quality that every person should have, but many do not.

The powerful symbol of the phoenix is a statement that people won't soon forget when they see it imprinted on your body. You will have your own personal reasons for having such a tattoo inked onto your skin, but the phoenix can hold a lot of symbolism and provide comfort to a person who has withstood a lot of adversity and gained a certain strength from it.

Renew your life with a Phoenix

When you survive your own personal trial by fire, you can rise up from the ashes and renew your own life and purpose with a powerful tattoo that represents the life that you have been reborn into.

Many people may not even know that you have such a tattoo unless you feel like sharing that tattoo and showing it to people and that would be a completely personal choice. A tattoo is a personal thing that has special meaning to the person that has chosen to be imprinted with ink (in colors or in black ink) and can provide a certain strength to that person just knowing that they have such a tattoo on their body because it symbolizes a time in their life where they rose above their own personal ashes of despair to be triumphant and carry on with a more meaningful life that has left behind the problems that plagued a past life.

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