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Photo Facial Rejuvenation

Updated on June 12, 2013

If you have ever had a facial, then you now how nice that can be. You go to your spa or beauty center and spend an hour or so getting your facial, and you come out feeling absolutely brand new. After one of these facials, you look better, you skin feels fresh and rejuvenated, and, most importantly, you feel like a million dollars. The time and cost of a conventional facial is worth the good feeling you get from it many times over.

But although conventional facials are a well known procedure that most people have either gotten themselves or know people who get them regularly, there is a new kind of facial that you may not have heard of yet. This new type of facial is called a photo facial. This skin care treatment is used for a number of reasons, including the treatment of acne and reduction of brown or age spots on the skin. More and more people are going to their cosmetologist or beauty spa to get this revolutionary new skin care treatment. Read on to learn more about the photo facial procedure.

Facials are nice, and you can truly benefit from a photo facial.
Facials are nice, and you can truly benefit from a photo facial.

What Is A Photo Facial?

There are a few different kinds of skin treatments known as a photo facial, but what they all have in common is that they use light to perform some kind of rejuvenation or enhancement of the skin. In a photo facial, this light is directed on the skin cells by a trained technician, which has a therapeutic effect. The two basic types of photo facial are the LED variety and what is known as the IPL photo facial. Both have their own particular uses.

The LED, or light emitting diode, photo facial is the more mild and less intensive of the two types of photo facial. With this procedure, a gentle pulse of light is directed at the skins cells as a treatment for acne and to increase the production of collagen beneath the outer skin layer. LED light is a narrow band light, which means that the treatment is mild and feels cool and painless on your skin. The LED photo facial has the effect of killing the kinds of bacteria that cause acne. It can also boost your skin’s production of collagen, which is the support structure that keeps your skin supple and youthful looking. Thus, the LED photo facial is good for reducing the fine lines and wrinkles that come with aging.

The second type of photo facial, the IPL, or intense pulsed light, is a more intensive skin care treatment. This type of photo facial directs very strong pulses of light at the skin cells for a deeper and more intense treatment of skin blemishes and problems. This photo facial is often used to remove brown or age spots on the skin, to reduce the presence of broken capillaries or spider veins, and to reduce facial redness. Because the light used in this kind of photo facial is very strong, it can sting a bit as it is being applied. It should be applied only by a technician that is trained and well accustomed to its uses.

More About the IPL Photo Facial

Of the two types of photo facial treatments available, the IPL is the more common, so we will talk a bit more about this procedure here. As said above, it is a more intensive type of photo facial and therefore the results from this skin care procedure will be more dramatic and longer lasting. This variety of skin rejuvenation procedure is becoming more popular and sought after all the time.

An IPL photo facial is usually performed over several visits to your skin care expert. You can usually expect to undergo about 5 separate sessions when you receive an IPL photo facial. The sessions last about 30 minutes and are typically scheduled about 2 or 3 weeks apart. Compared to the LED photo facial, the IPL variety is going to cost a bit more, although, as said previously, this type of treatment will have greater benefits for your skin. Although there can be redness or swelling with an IPL photo facial, these symptoms are using short lasting and mild.

To learn more about either type of photo facial contact your skin care expert today. Discover for yourself the wonderful potential that light can have for improving your appearance.


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