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Physicians Formula Makeup

Updated on September 12, 2012

 Recently I have been noticing the Physicians Formula Makeup when I have been to the drug store.  The make up comes in cute little packages.  The Blush is compounded into many shades of peaches and rose.  The blushes come in attractive shapes such as hearts and the moon and stars.  I find myself visiting the Physicians formula counter more often and before I knew it I had a draw full of my own make up.  Here are some of the makeup that is offered by Physicians Formula Makeup.  If you haven't given it a try I suggest you do.  I bet you can't resist the packaging!

Take a look at the Physicians Formula Bamboo Wear Bronzer refill. It comes in Medium, Light a dark shades. See how the bronzer has shimmering bamboo tree embedded within it. The bronzer can lift, tone and rejuvenate skin while providing a healthy looking complexion. The Physicians Formula bronzer is fragrance free and dermatologist approved. The Bamboo Wear brush and Compact set is sold separately and at a reasonable price.  It has a nice bamboo design on the front and a swivel design to reveal the bronzer and brush. This compact and bronzer makes a nice little gift for mom, girlfriend or daughter!

 The Physicians Formula Happy Booster Happy Glow Multi Colored Blush is my newest purchase. Yes I could not resist the packaging.  An even more I could not resist the claim that wearing this blush will make you happy!  I can't claim it is a mood booster but I like how it blush looks on me!  The color is not too intense but a nice bright glow to your cheeks!  Maybe everyone else will thin you are in a good mood!  Included in the blush is a small brush.

 For a fresh look try the Physicians Formula Shimmer Strip Blush and highlighter.  It has several strips of shimmering color to accent your face.  It comes in several different shades including healthy glow, Rosy Glow, Natural Glow and Sunkissed Glow.  Darker shades can be used as a blush while the lighter shades can be used as a highlighter.  Find a shade that is right for you.

 If you are looking for a light base coat then try the Physicians Formula Bamboo Wear Powder refill.  It comes in shades of creamy natural, beige, and translucent.  The Physicians Formula makeup tones and smooths lines. It also absorbs oils and leaves a comfortable feel without over drying.  You can purchase the compact separately.  See above for reusable compact! 

 Worried about covering up those blemishes or  other marks?  Physicians Formula makeup offers a concealer.  It comes in  Natural Light.  This blemish concealer does more than cover it up, it reduces its visibility over 80% within an hour!  The Physicians Formula concealer is made of salicyclic acids and cleaning botanical,

A pretty good review of the shimmer strips collection

 Yes Physicians Formula makeup even makes eye shadows.  The Mineral Collection has a lot of shades to offer.  Mineral shades include Amber Minerals, Bronze Minerals,Earth Minerals, and Fresh, Slate and Mauve Minerals.  There are shades for every skin tone.  You can use the shades together or alone to maximize your eyes. The minerals provide for easy blending for a smooth natural finish.  Along with the minerals are vitamins A and E to help nourish your eyelids.  The Physicians Formula Mineral Collection received four out of five stars from a customer review.  This customer likes that this product does not clog your pores.

 The Physicians Formula Custom eye shadow and Liner is one of my favorites.  This eye shadow is like having three eye shadow duos in one.  It is a very versatile make up.  You can wear the colors in any combination.  The angled applicator makes it very easy to apply the darker shades as an eyeliner. The eye shadow comes in several shades.  Each Physicians Formula Custom Eye Shadow  is custom made for different color eyes. Available here are bronzed hazel eyes, bronzed blue eyes, bronzed hazel eyes and bronzed brown eyes.  There are nine colors in each set.  Use the light shade to highlight the brow, use the medium shade over the eye lid and the darker shade as a liner.  Physicians formula recommends you wet the applicator for a longer lasting look.


 The Shimmer Strips eye enhancing cream liner have brilliant liquid metal shades.  It is water resistant, smudge resistant and offers 24 hour wear.  There are several other cream shade available.  Check out the video below for more information on this Physicians Formula make up product!

 The Physicians formula Powder Palette Multi colored face powder may look a bit funny but it is a very effective makeup!  It comes in highlighter, translucent or peach glow.   This Multi colored face powder provides just the right coverage enhance skin and cover blemishes.  It provides a healthy glow when applied to the face alone or over make up.  Customers give this high reviews as helps brighten her skins.

 The Physicians formula Powder Platte Color Corrective Powders is a unique blend of pressed powders.   Just wipe on with the application pad included.  Customers really like this and state that it looks and feels great. Find the right shade for you.  This one is in beige.


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    • Ms Chievous profile image

      Tina 6 years ago from Wv

      susannah42 and suejanet You have the same type of dog!


    • suejanet profile image

      suejanet 6 years ago

      Sounds good. I am going to look for this makeup.

    • susannah42 profile image

      susannah42 6 years ago from Florida

      I love to buy new makeup. It gives you a lift and makes you more enthusiastic about your looks.

    • Rhonda Waits profile image

      Rhonda Musch 6 years ago from The Emerald Coast

      I used this brand a while back. It has been around a little while though. I do enjoy this make up,it is also good for your skin also. Great review. Voted up.

      Sweet wishes Rhonda

    • Silver Poet profile image

      Silver Poet 6 years ago from the computer of a midwestern American writer

      I'd never heard of this brand. Looks interesting.

    • whaturmissing profile image

      whaturmissing 6 years ago from Canada

      I like the idea of wearing a blush to make me happy :) Just looking at the photo of the hearts makes me happy. I'm going to give it a try.

    • am@n profile image

      am@n 6 years ago

      very nice. :) voted up