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Pick of the Week - Statement Necklaces

Updated on July 21, 2015

Statement necklaces are big, bright necklaces that, well, make a statement! They can be worn with a variety of styles-that I will be more than happy to show you below-and I've just been loving them lately! They can be worn dressy or casual, colorful or earth tones. Be sure to read to the bottom where a special coupon code awaits you!

If your style is mostly...

Preppy-Ah the origin of statement necklaces. It's more the color scheme that differentiates a necklace from girly to preppy.

Edgy-As with my other POTW posts, edgy can be achieved pretty easily by having dark colors and a torn up or worn look.

Funky-Mix bright colors of necklaces with prints in your clothes or the necklace itself!

Conservative-If you're worried that statement necklaces are just TOO much, try a quiet statement necklace to just get your feet wet on this trend.

Cocktail/date night-Not necessarily a style, but a cocktail or date night might require a more subdued necklace that still looks feminine and lovely!

*Be sure to look at my blog link in my profile to see direct links to the products above as well as a coupon to one of my favorite online stores!


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