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Make Long Hair Manageable.

Updated on December 1, 2013

Trials of Long Hair

Long hair is a lot of work but the work can be minimized if you take the proper care of it and keep it straight when you're sleeping. By not letting the wind blow it around and cause it to tie in knots or snarl.

While a long tress is beautiful in the wind, too much is like anything else, it's going to tie your hair into tangles that will snag when you try to brush it out. There are various products on the market that can help you keep your hair soft and more easy to manage. Always use a good conditioner and depending on the texture of your hair you may need something else. Such as something like BioSilk. It just takes a small amount in the palm of your hair then rub your hands together and then back and forth down the hair shaft. This will get the BioSilk or other product to let your hair untangle much easier.

Use your fingers rather than a harsh brush or comb. Sometimes you can work a big piece away from each other and use your fingers sort of like a big soft comb. You know when it pulls and when to stop the pull. This will prevent split ends or breaking any hairs. When they break, they tend to look like bent wire.

Not a pretty sight. As you'll see in these photos below these girls have taken care of their hair so when they brush it in the morning it will have little to no tangles whatsoever! They've braided it or used a soft hair tie to keep the hair together while they sleep. Everyone who has very long hair has various ways of keeping it from being a tangled mess in the morning.

The texture of your hair will depend greatly on how you care for your hair as well. The more coarse your hair is the more careful you need to be when sleeping and the more you should keep a wide toothed comb nearby. use a brush that has bulbs on the end or even one that looks old fashioned, as if it's hair itself. This prevents any of your hair from pulling off and breaking.

Hair grows in cycles. Some people have a longer and faster/slower cycle of growth than others. If your hair has ever been at it's longest and just doesn't seem to grow anymore the way to learn if it's natural hair fallout or unnatural is to look at the end that has came out of your head.

Look at your hairbrush. Pull out a few strands and examine the ends. If one end has a "bulb" or roundish tip then that was natural hair fallout. You'll then know if you've pulled it out or if it fell out in it's natural cycle. If it has, stop now that's your natural hair cycle! There's plenty of amazing cuts that will suit you and your face to choose from! Go to a professional! Go to someone who you might have seen their work and they are among the most famous of artist in the world. Styling hair is an art, shaping it to flatter your face and you!

Keeping it long with trims!


This beautifully variegated, (shades of one color) blonde hair is very well taken care of. As you can see, she has it nicely trimmed and looks as if she can run her fingers through it as to not catch one tangle!

Usually if you see hair that just barely touches the seat as hers does, it's for a reason. Once long hair reaches the chair it's more prone to being pulled by being sat on, leaned on and since it's so pretty people tend to want to touch it. Especially males!

Something the male species don't tend to realize is that when they give their girl a big hug, and they love the feel of her silky hair, and the smell, they also accidentally pull or tug on it during a hug! If you're a male reading this, please don't mistake that for girls not wanting to be hugged, a hug is one of the most loving heartfelt things one can do to someone they love or perhaps just a friend you're happy to see. Please by all means if it's OK with the girl then hug her, but be mindful of what she's gone though to get her hair to look so pretty! Give her a gentle hug, or pull it to the side or even lift it up if you're going to give the old bear hug!

After all we don't want to give the long hair girl any reason to cut those locks until she is ready, because men and women alike, love to see long beautiful hair!

Fluffy or Sleek Long Hair?


While some girls like a bit of fullness to their hair, when it's long it's also heavy! But if you're male or female reading this and you want a full look but your hair lays flat, you can fluff it up by flipping your head over and using a hair dryer to dry your hair up and towards the top of your head!

The heat will push your hair outward from each strand and just like curlers make curls, the heat also fluffs the hair to give it a fuller look and feel.

This fluffy red hair might look as if it's rougher than the one below but rest assured it's just as soft and has had proper care or it would not have gotten to the length it is!

If it wasn't taken care of, you would see broken pieces sticking out like wires as I mentioned. But this hair looks pretty smooth!


It might not be good to use too much, but as anything too much of something is usually not good. As you can see this beautifully straightened long red hair in the bottom photograph, her hair is soft, silky and sleek!

This can be obtained by a flat iron. It does take awhile unless the hair is naturally very straight. Even very straight hair can have fly away pieces that one might want to use a flat iron on!

With a flat iron, just make sure that you go very slow down the hair shaft because as you pull downward, the heat dissipates and the iron cools down, so moving it downward, then giving the iron a few seconds not only re-heats the iron for a fresh start on the new strand of hair to be straightened it also gives your arms a rest!

Either way it's beautiful and well worth the time!

I know I could get some flack about saying heat isn't always bad for the hair, but seriously, if heat was that bad, there would be no one with long hair!

Big Hot Rollers


There are two secrets to having the secret of big waves and a sleek look at the same time.

Big hot rollers!

Not only are they perfect for long hair, you can get them in a very big size, and they don't put that much heat into the hair strand. They still give a nice big wave with a silky sheen! Big hot rollers are key to long hair when you don't want the look of flat stair hair or fluffy hair!

It gives the hair this beautiful look you see here! Some huge waves but not too many that says curly!


The pretty natural windblown hair! You know it's naturally straight because after hair gets windblown for awhile (especially at water side) it gets the salts and sand from the beaches.

With this happening it would be getting a bit out of hand and the hair strands would get a bit of curls or kinks where it needed to be straightened out.

Still beautiful blonde windblown hair that is everything both girls and guys love! It feels like silk on your shoulders and it's appealing to the eye!

When this lady gets home she's going to be doing a bit of extra wash to get the sand out, which is always ok because as we massage our scalp, it takes the dead skin away and let's the scalp breath! Which also leads to beautiful hair as well!

What is your favorite long hair color?

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