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Pictures of Celebrities with Medium Brown Hair Color

Updated on December 31, 2014
Maria Menounos wearing her brown hair in a bow bun
Maria Menounos wearing her brown hair in a bow bun | Source

Medium brown hair is a classic color that radiates warmth around your face. You might be considering dying your hair this color or simply keeping the color you already have.

These pictures of celebrities with medium brown hair color -- Ashley Greene, Adriana Lima, Katie Holmes, Drew Barrymore, and Maria Menounos -- will help inspire your hair care routine and help you make a decision.

Ashley Greene with Long Hair in a Medium Brown Color
Ashley Greene with Long Hair in a Medium Brown Color | Source

Ashley Greene (right)

Ashley wears her medium brown hair in a long hairstyle with side-swept bangs.

This color brings your attention to her face. This is what hair color should do instead of diverting your attention away from the face.

It is often said that your natural hair color will set off your features the best. If medium brown is your natural color, consider keeping it!

Whether you dye your hair or have hair that tends to be a little on the dry side, the best way to keep it shiny and healthy is with a hydrating, high-quality shampoo and conditioner. No matter what color it is, healthy, long, shiny hair is a head-turner.

Adriana Lima: Model with Brown Hair
Adriana Lima: Model with Brown Hair | Source

Adriana Lima (right)

Adriana's hair reflects gold from its surface from overhead lighting.

Medium brown hair is never flat in color. Everyone's hair reflects sun and light and varying tones, and her color is on the warmer side of brown.

Lima's tan also gives her entire aura a beach-kissed look.

Katie Holmes in Medium Brown Curly Hair
Katie Holmes in Medium Brown Curly Hair | Source

Katie Holmes (right)

Katie wears her long hair in curly brown tendrils. This is the girl who at one time stole Tom Cruise's heart with her classic all-American brunette look.

If you ever saw Katie with blonde hair, you will notice that it was not her best color and we are glad she switched back to dark.

Katie is an example of a person on who medium brown hair looks like her perfect, natural color.

No mousy brown-haired girl here!

Drew Barrymore with Brown Hair
Drew Barrymore with Brown Hair

Drew Barrymore's hair (above) also reflects gold off its surface. Drew is one of those celebrities whom we have seen in almost every hair color under the sun, though she is most often seen in blonde.

This medium brown shade is one of those colors that brings out her kewpie doll look that she is known for.

Maria Menounos with Dark Hair
Maria Menounos with Dark Hair

Maria Menounos (right)

Maria always looks picture perfect. She is an excellent example of a Hollywood beauty that isn't blonde-haired and blue-eyed, but a gorgeous brunette.

Maria's medium brown hair is ideal for her ethnic features.

Her tan skin and dark eyes round out her look so that she looks naturally beautiful.

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