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Photos of Light Golden Blonde Hair Color

Updated on January 17, 2013

What do Marilyn Monroe, Pamela Anderson, and Holly Madison have in common? Their beautiful hair color of course!

Whether a girl is in Hollywood or at the beach, light golden blonde hair gives her instant sex appeal. Women have chosen this popular color since the days of Marilyn and it isn't going away anytime soon.

If you are considering going lighter yourself, check out this photo gallery of models wearing light golden blonde hair color. This shade might just work for you. We also include tips on making this overall look stand out among the crowd!

Photos of Light Golden Blonde Hair Color
Photos of Light Golden Blonde Hair Color | Source

Get a Killer Tan (above)

Yes, it's such a stereotype -- blonde women always getting sun-kissed skin. But the reason this combination is so popular is because it gives off a pin-up look. So if you are tired of being pale, go golden -- with both your skin and your hair.


Let Your Tendrils do the Talking (above)

Adding bangs to your style will give your face character and shape. You can also pull some of your hair back off of your face for a Guinevere-like style. This gives off romantic appeal and a feminine look.


Get Sexy Eyes (above)

Nothing goes better with blonde hair than come-hither eye makeup. On nights you want to set your gaze on a hot guy, go for the dark liner and false lashes. This looks especially good if you have baby blues.

Photos of Light Golden Blonde Hair Color
Photos of Light Golden Blonde Hair Color | Source

Wear Bright Red (above)

Bright red not only sets hearts afire but it also is one of the best colors to wear when you have a light golden blonde hair color. This combination creates a color harmony that will make you the center of attention.


Wear Lovely Layers (above)

While straight hair is sexy, long layers add dimension to your style that give off fullness and body. And when you have light golden blonde hair, it makes you look like you have your very own halo.


Get Light Brown Eyebrows (above)

While some girls keep dark eyebrows when they go light golden blonde (like Denise Richards), light to medium brown brows really bring your look together. They also make you look like a natural blonde (whether you are or not). To achieve lighter brows, try Jolen Facial Creme Bleach.

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