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How to Get Red Hair with Tan Skin

Updated on June 8, 2015
Bright red hair with tan skin
Bright red hair with tan skin | Source

You can learn how to get red hair with tan skin, an unexpected but totally hot look. You can achieve it whether you are a natural ginger or a natural brunette. You can go for a look anywhere from light to bright red hair with tan skin. Whether you are trying to update your beauty routine for the Summer or making over your year-round appearance, here is how to do it as a glowing hot ginger.

Redhead, blonde, and brunette tanning together
Redhead, blonde, and brunette tanning together

To Tan Slowly ...

Under the natural sun: Lay under the sun for five minutes a day the first week. Then ten minutes a day the next week. After a few weeks assess how dark you look and whether you are satisfied with that level of color or want to go darker.

This kind of sun exposure is deemed much safer than actual full tanning sessions at the beach. You get some color and you get to feel that you did it in a safe way as well.

To Tan Quickly ...

Tanning from a bottle is much easier and faster thanks to quick-drying formulas that also deliver natural-looking faux tans, like Fake Bake Flawless. This sunless tanner darkens to colors most that most resemble natural skin shades, so you won't be stuck with an orange-looking face or legs. It is also suitable for all skin types, so it won't break you out.

You apply the lotion with the included loofah and let it develop a little while, and in the mean time you get an instant golden color with the shows-where-it-goes formula.

Redheads can tan too
Redheads can tan too
L'oreal Feria 74 Deep Copper
L'oreal Feria 74 Deep Copper

For Natural Brunettes

Women who are natural brunettes can easily get bright red hair with tan skin. If you have medium to dark brown eyes and medium or dark brown hair, your skin will more naturally tan than someone with a lighter hair color.

Even if you are a pale-skinned brunette, you still have more natural melanin that will allow you to get darker on the beach.

To achieve a bright red mane:

  • Try L'OrĂ©al Feria 74 Deep Copper. Take note: the color will look brighter on you when you are tan than when you are pale.
  • To make your hair color stay brighter, longer, try washing it with L'Oreal Paris Advanced Haircare Color Vibrancy Nourishing Shampoo. It will help keep your color from fading and losing brilliance.

For Natural Redheads

All you have to worry about is getting your skin to a golden color, with the methods shown below!

How to get red hair with tan skin
How to get red hair with tan skin | Source

Have Fun with It!

Redheads have a sexy aura about them. Whether you are a natural copper-haired girl or you are bottling your ruby locks, you should enjoy all the fun that goes along with wearing the color.

Redheads are known for having seductive ways, according to the book The Roots of Desire, so you might as well play up your flirtations, wear teeny bikinis, and practice your sexy walk, because everyone is going to take notice of you!

Sun Tips

  • Protect yourself. Remember, that even when you use a sunless tanner and get that dark glow, you still have to watch your sun exposure. If you are going to be in the sun for any prolonged period of time, make sure to wear a sunblock or skin lotion that has an SPF of no less than 15.

  • You might need to wear more makeup than usual with your new appearance. It is likely than the light makeup you wore before will look barely there once you have a tan. Try wearing more eyeliner, and darker lipsticks, eye shadows, and blushes.

Ashlee Simpson with red hair and tan skin
Ashlee Simpson with red hair and tan skin | Source

Tan Poll

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Tan Celebrity Redhead (above)

Ashlee Simpson is neither a natural redhead or naturally tan, but you can see that she went for this look and pulled it off quite well. Ashlee chose a light tan hue and a subdued deep auburn hair color.

Her look can be pulled off every season of the year and not just Summer, because both her tan and the color of her tendrils are subtle. This is something to think about before you take the leap.

Other celebs have tried out red hair with tan skin as well, namely Snooki, Angie Everhart, and Lindsay Lohan. You will have a unique look when you complete your makeover, because auburn hair and glowing skin is not a common beauty combination. All heads will surely turn to lay eyes on you!


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