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Pierce your Belly Button with Household Objects

Updated on August 24, 2011

First of all I'm gonna start this off by saying this is NOT a walk through on how to pierce your navel with a safety pin, needle, tack or any other common household object. If you are thinking of doing so; stop thinking. The safest thing to do is go get it done professionally. However, many people are either underage, can't afford professional piercing prices or just like full control of their body. Whatever your reason is, buy a piercing kit with a hollowed needle. I know what you're thinking, I've been there. I was dead set on the idea that a safety pin would be a good option for me, no matter what anybody said. Until I learned some facts: safety pins/needles are usually 18-20g, a VERY small hole for a 14 or 16g ring to go through. Which would cause the jewelry to not go in or cause an immense amount of pain. Another being that those items are not meant to be piercing flesh, nor are they hollowed. So you are impacting your flesh and causing it to stretch and tear, extremely painful.
If the problem is that you're underage, no worries. The best advice I could give you is to wait until you're 16 or 18. However, I know I didn't want to wait so I did the following. Save about 30 dollars then make your way to a convenience store such as Walgreens or Walmart. You can purchase a Moneypak Greendot card or a prepaid Visa card. Many cards have specific uses and you may in fact find one labeled for "online shopping". After you have purchased this you can now buy a piercing kit online. Make sure you buy from a reputable seller. I purchased my kit from the Ebay shop X*Co. The shipping was extremely fast and he answers all the questions you have. Another place to purchase a kit is MsPiercing. No matter where you purchase it, don't take the risk by piercing with anything other than the proper needle.

The photo provided is what your piercing could end up looking like if you do it unsafely, it's also possible if done correctly. However, unsafe practice ups the risk.

Now that you've read this you can advance to how to PROPERLY piercing yourself at home.


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    • profile image

      Anonymous 2 years ago

      I'm 17 parents won't let me get mine pierced until I'm 18. I REALLY want it done tho I can't wait til I'm 18 what should I do

    • profile image

      erykah 2 years ago

      hi its Me again my mom said I was to young for a belly ring she wants me to get one when I am 16 because I live in Baltimore were laws are enforced I want to order a piercing kit but don't an email can some one help me thank you

    • profile image

      chealyn 2 years ago

      I feel the same way i am 12 and i want some piercings but my parents said if i gat a piercing anywhere eccept my ear they will rip it out of me even if i bleed.

    • profile image

      KD 2 years ago


      i cant find any way to pierce my bb with out the perentals knowing :(

    • profile image

      anonymous 2 years ago

      IM 13 and I really want my belly button pierced. And every where I read It says its not safe to pierce my bb with a safety pin. What do I do?

    • profile image

      erykah 2 years ago

      You absolutely right I did the same thing the safety pin ripped out of my skin I have such Nashy scar professional is better they are experienced I'm 14 I wanted my stomach pierced my dad and mom said no I and didn't listen to your parents or be like me with ugly scars