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Piercing types

Updated on June 5, 2012

Probably, there is no spot, which has never been touched by a needle or an earring on a human body. There is no point in discussing all types of body piercing, or we’ll have to describe hundreds or even thousands of different, sometimes single instances. So, we’ll cover only the most important ones.

ear piercing

As for ear-piercing, many people don’t consider it to be piercing in the full sense of the word – so widespread and popular it is. But modern ear-piercing is various enough and includes different ways of decorating ears – from earlobes piercing (today some “advanced” fans of piercing place cylinders up to 3 cm thick in their earlobes) up to multitude ear-rings in auricular cartilages or even in a tragus (a small pointed eminence of the external ear).

Ear-piercing is healed quickly enough. For an earlobe it takes about 1-2 weeks to heal over, and for an auricular cartilage – up to two months or more. If anyone in the salon suggests you to make piercing with a pistol, don’t agree, because all types of piercing should be made with a special needle.

Ear piercing

ear piercing
ear piercing | Source

navel piercing

Navel piercing is one of the most popular types of piercing nowadays. We just can’t imagine a fashion-conscious girl or woman without a flaring gem in the center of her belly, especially if her waist is really beautiful. Photo models, pop-stars, actresses – all of them have already acquired this fashionable accessory. Navel piercing is not so diverse, but those who want to stand out of a crowd, can make not only vertical holes for “bananas” and rings, but also double and triple holes. Moreover, the navel piercing usually doesn’t shock even girls’ parents and elder relatives. It takes about 4-5 months for a navel to heal completely, and after that you can put the ring in and out whenever you wish. But don’t forget that while your navel is healing, you must not go in for sport, especially to do abdominal crunches or sit-up.

Navel piercing

navel piercing
navel piercing | Source

nose piercing

Placing a ring in a nose is also rather popular today. A romantic hole in a nostril is at the height of fashion. The most difficult procedure is a piercing of a nasal septum – not every salon offers such service, because it requires special skills.

Nose piercing

nose piercing
nose piercing | Source

eyebrow piercing

Eyebrows are pierced not so often as ears or navels. This type of piercing is usually made not by beginners, but by those who have already made three or more holes. And such person is rarely satisfied with the only hole. It takes just one month for an eyebrow piercing to heal, but the procedure itself is rather complicated and painful, that is why it is usually chosen by men, not women.

Eyebrow piercing

eyebrow piercing
eyebrow piercing | Source

tongue and lip piercing

In the area of mouth the fantasy of piercers is just endless. The lips are pierced all around, and there are several methods of tongue piercing. Such piercings heal rather quickly (1-2 months), but there is one trouble: during the first 10-15 days you will have serious problems with diction and taking food. Not only you won’t be able to eat hot, cold, spicy, sour, sweet and hard food or drink alcohol, but also you’ll suffer from numerous inconveniences. Also for a short time just after lip piercing your diction will change. But there are certain advantages also: after lip or tongue piercing people usually lose weight, because they can eat only fruits and yoghurts.

Tongue piercing

tongue piercing
tongue piercing | Source

Lip piercing

lip piercing
lip piercing | Source

nipple piercing

In the past nipples were pierced by men only – this was a sign of strength and courage. Now nipple piercing is made for another purpose. Strong evidence suggests that with the help of such piercing one can intensify his sexual senses. Moreover, the nipple itself becomes larger after the piercing. If you are an expectant mother, don’t be afraid that a nipple piercing will influence lactation. It heals completely in 1-3 months

Nipple piercing

nipple piercing
nipple piercing | Source


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