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7 Skin Pigmentation Clarifications

Updated on May 22, 2010


7 Skin Pigmentation Clarifications


Those people with darker skin should be very aware about the hazards of skin discoloration. One of the risks of laser hair treatments is hyper pigmentation this Skin pigmentation is mostly the result of the uneven melanin manufacturing in the body.


How hyper pigmentation skin treatments work, they all in some way destroy some of the skin discoloration cells, this then triggers the body natural need to renewal of the missing cells. Some of the treatments are easy to be done and not expensive, other mainly the one which a clinic is needed with multiple sessions can be very expensive. Here are some ways to treat Laser Hair Removal Skin Discoloration.


1. Skin coloring lotions.


Many use them before or after laser treatments. Before laser treatments it is not advised to use defoliation creams. Those balms with harsh chemical substances can damage your skin following a laser treatment. These emulsions could cause rashes and continuous discoloration (reddening) of the skin. Make up can be placed on facial areas which have different pigmentation.


2. Sun guard yourself.


One of the best laser hair removal safety tips is that you should use sun guard SPF lotions every day. The SPF is advised being over 30 for it to be able to protect your skin from UV sun rays.


When ever you can try to protect your head and face from the sun by wearing a hat, use sunglasses too, wear long sleeves cloth, and try to avoid standing in direct sun light for over ten minutes. The peak of the harmful sun rays are at noon then the UV is much more intense.


This safety procedures might help you prevents discoloration and laser hair removal skin cancer risks.


3. Supplements can help for your skin.


Vitamin C will make your skin, especially the discolored place much less vulnerable to the sun's powerful rays and enable repair itself.


Your skin doctor might think to give you a prescription for Retin-A, this chemical which is known for being able to remove the top layer of skin faster. This pigmentation is usually at the higher levels of the epidermis, the Retin-A stimulating the response of skin tissue to the epidermal growth therefore whitening the skin tone.


4. Chemical peeling of the skin.


Chemical substance like glycolic acid is employed to remove the top layer of skin. This can be done only at clinic and beauty Spa’s, there are some side effects to chemical peeling that might make darker skin blotchy and leave spots on skin.


5. Microdermabrasion.

This method uses micro crystals that are propelled at the skin and instantly drawn up. This kind of treatment is thought to be easy and without too much side effects. One of the good parts is that unlike lasers microdermabrasion works well on all skin types and colors.


6. Photofacial intense pulse light laser.


The laser light is targeted to the skin discoloration area; there it transforms to high temperature by the undesired melanin pigments. The energy of the light produces tiny pores leading to pigments to reduce. This can be done only at laser clinics, and like other dangers of laser hair removal it has side effects too.


7. Skin Resurfacing.

With the use of laser with different wave length, which breaks down proteins into its amino-acid elements, which normally lead to rebuilding of the skin structures this is equivalent to the skin resurfacing. This gets rid of skin problems like skin pigmentation. A few treatments will be needed especially on larger body areas.


Those are some of the solutions you need to look for when searching for laser hair removal skin discoloration relief.





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