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Acne Treatment with Starch Powder – Chinese Natural Cure

Updated on August 31, 2017

Face Pimples (Acne) treatment – the age-old Chinese method

Treatment of acne using the natural ways can save tons of money.

In the 1950s, there was a popular Hong Kong Cantonese movie star, who was known to have a severe acne problem. However, much to the delight of her movie fans, her complexion later showed much improvement. Naturally, lots of her fans were curious to know the secret cure as many were also suffering from the pimple problem too.

In one of the media interviews, she was generous enough to share the long-lost formula. Here it is:


· One teaspoon Tapioca Starch (preferably without preservatives)

· A small amount of cold tap water


· Wash face with cold tap water. Do not use any soap or facial cleanser.

· Mix tapioca starch with cold water until it is in liquid form. It does not matter whether the lotion is thin or thick; it is just your personal preference.

· Apply the lotion on the face. When it dries up, there will be a thin layer of powder on the face.

· Leave it on for at least two hours, or longer where possible.

· Rinse thoroughly with cold tap water. Do not use any soap or facial cleanser.

Note: Apply the lotion daily, as and when convenient. Do not apply any cosmetics within three hours after the lotion has been washed off.

Patch test

A patch test should be conducted, especially for those with hypersensitive skin or skin allergies, before commencing on the use of this natural cure. Rinse off lotion immediately if any redness, irritation, or discomfort feelings occur.

Layer of powder

Even after rinsing, due to the residual lotion on the face, a very, very thin layer of powder might be formed. For thick, concentrated starch powder lotion, the residual powder on the face can be quite white in colour.

Please make sure that the residual powder is thoroughly washed off before you leave your house; otherwise you will look like a white painted doll roaming on the street.

Cooling and soothing effect

From my own experience, the tapioca starch lotion has a cooling and soothing effect on the face. Pimple redness and itchiness gradually go off.

Happy with the results, I used the lotion regularly for few years, even after my pimple problem has been solved. The starch powder seemed to make the face smoother to the touch.

However, as with all kinds of products, it works well for me does not mean it will work well for you too. But, if your acne condition is really seriously troubling you, and so far professional treatment did not yield good results, you can consider this alternative treatment option.

Natural remedies are inexpensive and have been known to cure some health and skin problems.


Even natural ingredients can cause allergies or irritate sensitive eyes. So, please use with caution.

The writer disclaims all liabilities and offers this secret formula only for purposes of sharing an age-old natural remedy.

Please note: Readers are using the formula at their own risks.

© 2010 pinkytoky


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