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Pink Cashmere Sweater

Updated on January 7, 2011

What is it with women and cashmere sweaters? Well for one, cashmere has a rather interesting history of humility and glamour, which is why is remains one of the most sought-after fabrics of women from all walks of life. If you are interested in a short but amusing history lesson and are looking for good deals on very-specific pink cashmere sweaters, then this hub is for you.

Cashmere—what it is and its “interesting” history

If you have time to spare, read on to learn something new. If not, skip to the deals below and find yourself a nice sweater—we hope we have something that might interest you.

Cashmere is wool. Wool is a textile fiber obtained from sheep, goats, and certain other animals. Cashmere is specifically obtained from goats—from the Cashmere goat that is, but a Cashmere goat is any breed of goat that produces cashmere wool. It works both ways but it is not a breed. (Another example of a fabric-specific goat is the Pashmina goat, which most of us associate with shawls.) Finally, “cashmere” was derived from the old spelling of the northwestern region currently claimed by India, Pakistan, and China—Kashmir.

Cashmere is very fine to the touch. It is also very strong considering its light and soft characteristics. It also happens to be good insulation which is why it is popular for cold-weather clothes like sweaters because it effectively warms the wearer up without getting too bulky. The finest cashmere is taken from the underbelly and the throat of goats, where longer and more slender “hairs” are found.

Cashmere garments were once only available to royalty because of its rarity. Its popularity is in part influenced by Napoleon Bonaparte when he gave multiple pieces of them to his then second wife, Empress Eugenie.

Pink cashmere is both flattering and classy

In Hollywood, the wool became glamorous when it graced the big screen, worn by the leading ladies of the 1930s and 1940s. One popular-culture defining example was when actress Lana Turner wore a gorgeous and sexy cashmere sweater in the film They Won’t Forget. She was later on dubbed as the “original sweater girl.”

Pink & Cashmere

All pink cashmere has been dyed in one form or another as the wool only comes in white, gray, and brown naturally. However, this does not change its value or authenticity. Pink is both flattering and eye-catching, not to mention very woman-specific, so pink sweaters never go out of style. Add to that being made from cashmere and you’ll have something that is not only comfortable and pleasant to wear, but also classy and will stand the test of time.

So that’s it. Thank you for reading and see below for some excellent deals. We really hope you find one here from our compiled list of deals.


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