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Pink Dresses | Eryn Stripe Dress

Updated on March 8, 2011
For more pink dresses, visit:
For more pink dresses, visit: | Source

I chose the Eryn Stripe Dress by Lilly Pulitzer as the alpha pink dress because of its vintage styling and the fact that you'll be terrified to wear it anywhere that hasn't been professionally cleaned by surgical teams. That's because it is pretty and shiny and made from Organza. You don't see a great deal of traditional Organza these days, mostly because ever since we discovered synthetics, convincing silk moths to breed and then stealing the resultant pupae and boiling them alive has just seemed a wee bit tedious.

Proper Organza, according to the New York Fashion Center is tightly twisted silk yarns make an extremely crisp, sheer, lightweight fabric. Organza was traditionally the silk version of organdy, but is now made from other fibers as well.

There's no word on whether this particular dress is made from silk or some artificial fiber, but I can use my powers of guessing to surmise that it's probably made of synthetic fiber as Lily Pulitzer would probably mention if she'd made a dress from baby moths.

Style wise, this is very 1950's, which is very in this year. It's almost as if the fashion industry had a slumber party last year, watched all the seasons of The Jetsons, ate too much candy and then emerged, blinking in the pale morning light with the strong desire to recreate those innocent space days.

50's styling is undeniably feminine styling (if by 'feminine' you mean 'disenfranchised and stuck at home as a baby making device). Lilly Pulitzer describes this sort of thing as 'perfection.' In her sales blurb one reads:

Sophistication and elegance are easily found in the Eryn. It makes you want to wear kitten heels and just a touch of pink rouge so that you complete the picture of perfection.

The Eryn is the name for the dress, not the model, who looks like she's had her brain removed and replaced with a Stepford program. Any moment now she's going to get very upset about the prospect of nuclear winter and then go and bake some brownies.

Kitten heels go well with a dress like this, and even if you don't want to wear kitten heels, the dress will apparently 'make you want' to wear them. Whether it achieves this by psychidelic hypnosis or sheer brute force is unclear, but you probably shouldn't feel too intimidated, even if you're a relatively small person you could totally take this dress in a fight – because it's a dress.

This dress will cost you somewhere in the neighborhood of $300 USD.

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