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Pink Dresses | Draped Maxi Dress

Updated on March 8, 2011
For more pink dresses, visit:
For more pink dresses, visit: | Source

The Gold Trim Drape Maxi Dress from Bebe is a Maxi Dress in pink with snakeskin patterns on it. This looks like something Julia Roberts would have worn as Richard Gere redeemed her from a life of sin by throwing money at her until she was finally socially acceptable enough to shop in high end stores, if Pretty Woman had been filmed in 2011 and not sometime in the 80's or something like that.

The color is described as 'Sunkist Pink' this is probably slightly more marketable than what I would have called it, which would be SNAKES ON A DRESS. That's far too derivative, and likely to drive away the sort of customer who feels that wearing a snake skin maxi dress with bronze bands around it is a classy sort of thing to do.

There's something very ancient about this dress. This is a dress that would work equally well on Rodeo Drive, 2011, or Valley of Kings 2700 AD. (That's in Egypt, for those of you who eschewed history class to sit on the radiator and laugh because surprisingly, it was hot.) Of course, Egypt in those days was very different to the Egypt of these days. Back then you didn't overthrow your dictator, you revered him as a God and you accepted his inbred offspring as your rulers for all time.

So basically, what I'm trying to say is that this dress has a classic, timeless quality. If you buy it now you'll be able to wear it until the end of time. An excellent investment for immortals then.

The only thing I don't like about the way this dress is presented are the shoes. They're very high and platformy, which is admittedly in style right now, but if you had to walk a mile across a desert (sandy desert) those heels would sink in and weigh you down. What you really want are some sand shoes. Ha! See what I did there?

Seriously though, this dress would look great with no shoes at all. You can simply wear your bare feet, perhaps with a pink pedicure, or even a toe ring if you absolutely must. Shaved legs will be important, but the sort of person who would wear this dress probably had their leg hair electrocuted years ago, so I feel foolish for even mentioning such a thing. Remember dress lovers, your legs are part of your dress... you know, in a way. Not in the sort of way that you'd hang them up with the dress when you're done, but in the sort of way that your legs will be percieved along with the dress, even a long one like this. This dress retails for around $150 USD.

Get the dress.


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