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Pink Dresses | L'Wren Scott Pivoine Dress

Updated on March 8, 2011
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For more pink dresses, visit: | Source

I was drawn to this dress the moment I laid eyes upon its name. It was a name filled with such burgeoning pretension that I knew the dress attached to it would have to be something very special indeed. I was not wrong. The L'Wren Scott Pivoine Jaquard Dress is a bustier dress, which means that underclothing will not be necessary when wearing this dress. Indeed, underclothing will probably only get in your way.

This dress conforms to Italian sizing, which for most readers of this article, will be delightfully foreign.Fortunately for us all converting from American sizing to Italian sizing is not at all dificult. All you need do is add 34 to whatever dress size you are now. Say you're a size 2 now, then you'll be a size 36 Italian. Simple. Simple as adding 34. If only other things in life were that easy.

This dress is only a dress in the most minimalistic sense of the word. It will cover you of course, so it meets the minimum requirements of being a dress, but it doesn't really leave all that much to the imagination. It is also a thoroughly useless dress if you happen to be particularly well endowed in the bust area (or perhaps not so well endowed, though one imagines that padding could be employed in such an instance.)

This is the sort of dress that makes women with real curvy figures (read: a slim waist and full bust) hate their lives. Why? Because if you fit the dress, you can't squeeze into the bustier part, and if you go up a size then the dress itself hangs on you like an expensive potato sack. Oh woe, woe is me.

Anyway, if you happen to have won the genetic lottery and conform to the prevailing ideas re: appropriate female figure, then this dress will fit you like a glove.

A small niggle could be made that the jaquard rather makes one look as if one is wearing upholstery, but that's a small niggle and I'm sure nobody would be so unkind as to make that observation, especially after you spend over $1200 on it.

It's not a cheap dress, but it is an exquisite dress, a dress that could conceivably be worn to almost any glittering occasion you care to imagine. If you're short on glittering occasions you could even put it on in the evening and go outside and stand under the stars. That's glittering, right?

Get the dress!


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