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Pink Dresses | Silk Tunic Dress

Updated on March 9, 2011

I like a good tunic dress. You know why? Because (apart from a brief period in the 60's) tunics haven't really been in since ye olden days, and they're completely underrated. Unlike many dresses, that would really get in the way if you had to do battle with a tyrannical knight or a dragon, a tunic dress is not only feminine, but also eminently practical. It won't keep you hobbled when you need to move, it will allow you to stride out confidently into the world.

Tunic dresses also have the benefit of being short, which means that they're good for showing one's legs off, if one is particularly proud of one's legs and wants to reap the social benefits of displaying them.

What I like about this tunic dress in particular is that the sleeves, though long, are sheer. This means that people will not be left in doubt as to the excellence of your arms whilst you are wearing this dress. It also adds a touch of bohemian whimsy to the item, a touch which is further expanded upon in the floral style beading prominent around the neckline. This is a dress that could be worn to after work drinks, or to a yoga retreat. It is classy, but also quite free in spirit. Don't wear it to a guest appearance on The View if you don't want Barbara Walters to purse her lips at you.

Zappo's who are selling this dress on behalf of French Connection recommend wearing it with 'sky high heels and a sleek clutch for stand out style'. You will certainly stand out if you wear it in this fashion, there is no denying that. Of course, there is pretty much no outfit that you won't stand out in if you wear 'sky high' heels, if only because wandering around in the sky is going to get people's attention. Sky high heels are also very difficult to walk in and may not be suitable for emergencies. Still, if you intend to rely on the chivalrous senses of impressed males in your general vicinity in case of emergency, then go right ahead and wear them. Depending on the kindness of strangers is always a good strategy, just ask Blanche Du Bois.

Personally I think that this dress looks best the way the model is wearing it, with a big smile. Never underestimate the fashion value of a smile, I say.

Enough with this! Give me this dress!


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