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Pink Hair Extensions

Updated on May 12, 2011

Pink Hair Extensions

Interested in buying pink hair extensions? Pink hair extensions used to be a thing that was unheard of way back years ago when traditional colors were of only blonde, natural red, brown and black shades. Today it is much more acceptable to wear hair extensions in any color that suits your needs without having to worry about people seeing you as “different.” Extensions are made of real human or synthetic hair and not only come in pink, but come in purple, blue, green and just about any color that you can think of.

Pink hair extensions go well with just about any natural hair coloring but are best paired with black and blonde hair coloring. However, if you want a full set of pink extensions then they are available for sale too. Pink shades also come in a wide variety of options such as bright pink, light pink and deep pink to suit a customer’s tastes.

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Pink Hair Extensions: Uses and Lengths

Pink hair extensions come in a wide variety of lengths. Most users stick with 14 to 18 inches. If you order a set and they are too long then just take a pair of scissors and carefully trim them down to match your own hair length.

Clip in or clip on extensions in pink are the most traditional method of application. Pink extensions are mostly used for temporary use and rather than using glues or sew ins, clip ins are ideal for occasional use. However, if you want to make them last for 30 days up to a few months in then it can be done too.

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How to Put in Hair Extensions

Use pink hair extensions for a fun, flirty look the next time you are out on the town or going to a party.
Use pink hair extensions for a fun, flirty look the next time you are out on the town or going to a party.


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