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Pink Luggage Sets - Pink Luggage Bag Guide

Updated on April 2, 2011

If you're looking for some fun pink luggage sets to spruce up your traveling, then read on for lots of great ideas. Also, check out tips for traveling with pink luggage! My favorite color is pink which means that my favorite luggage color is pink. Hot pink, light pink, any shade of pink and design, I'm crazy about it.

Pink Luggage Set Tips

Whether you're looking for an individual pink luggage bag or a set of them, you'll be faced with many options. When buying luggage, it's important to take the following into consideration:

Via what method will you be traveling with your pink luggage?

If you're a frequent flier, chances are you're aware that airports do not take care in processing beautiful luggage. Therefore, I'd only recommend light pink luggage if you will not be using your luggage in a filthy baggage claim. Choose pink patterns or darker shades of pink for air travel! Note: Pink carry-on bags can survive travel in just about any shade of pink.

Do you really need the largest piece of luggage that you can find?

I used to pack everything I needed in one massive piece of luggage that could barely fit in the back of my car. Over time, I learned that taking a few smaller bags can be a lot easier to manage at the airport than a massive piece of luggage. I love luggage sets because I can use a travel bag for carry-on or a night away from home. When traveling for two or more days, I can use 2 or 3 pieces from the set in order to accommodate my packing needs.

Pink Polka Dot Luggage

I'm really passionate about polka dot luggage, infact I've already written an article about it! While my article on polka dot luggage sets goes over different colors of polka dots, here are some pink polka dot luggage set ideas to the right.

What can be more fun than polka dots? Not much - they're a really popular luggage design that fashionista travelers can't get enough of. I love polka dot luggage because it's so unique. No more accidental walk-offs at the baggage claim by a businessman who thinks that your black luggage was his (I've had this happen). Oops!

Hot Pink Luggage Sets

Hot pink luggage sets are really fun and vibrant pieces of luggage to own. I have a set of hot pink and black luggage set and love using it. i find that hot pink also hides dirt and smudges that can occur through various forms of travel.

To the right, I found two different sets that are great for any budget! The Traveler's Club luggage set retails for $60 and some change, for 3 pieces! If you need more than 3 pieces and are looking for a great quality set, check out the Maestro Luggage Air Smart 4-piece set in hot pink. The best value set I found (Leisure Savannah) retails for around $115 and has 6 pieces in a hot pink/raspberry color.

Pink Rolling Luggage

While many luggage sets these days have rollers (especially the big pieces), it is sometimes more suitable to purchase a piece of rolling luggage. Not only do I frequently see these in airports, they are also becoming more frequent for college or high school students toting around heavy textbooks.

My favorite pink rolling luggage set I found to the right is the Rockland Suitcase Set in pink. It comes with a matching cosmetic's case which I find adorable.

A pink rolling duffel bag is also a great option for overnights and hitting the gym!

Pink Leather Luggage

After doing some research, I realized that pink leather luggage can be a bit harder to come by, but I was able to find some pieces that will ensure you travel in style to your next destination.

My favorite is the leather wheeled trolley which has a crocodile embossed pattern on top of the gorgeous cowhide leather. It's a beautiful rose color and is more low-key then some shades of pink out there!

I also was delighted to discover a pink garment bag, by cinda b. in "sweetleaf pink" . I am in love with its trendy and classic pink quilted pattern.

Hard pink luggage set - trendy!
Hard pink luggage set - trendy!

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