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Pitaya or Dragon Fruit Benefits for Hair & Dragon Fruit Nutrition Facts

Updated on October 16, 2016

Dragon Fruit Nutrition Facts- Slices of Dragon Fruit

Dragon Fruit Nutrition Facts

Dragon fruit has numerous benefits for hair and skin. The fruit is even good for diabetics and may help to lower cholesterol. Dragon fruit is an attractive fruit that is red on the outside.

Dragon Fruit Nutrition Facts- Dragon fruit


Dragon Fruit Nutrition Facts- Available at Markets

There are also some that are yellowish looking on the outside. It is popular in several countries, including the Philippines, Taiwan and Thailand, where it is readily available in markets.

Dragon Fruit Nutrition Facts- Dragon Fruit


Dragon Fruit Nutrition Facts- Cactus Fruit

The dragon fruit is also known as Pitaya or wild strawberry pear. Its flesh is white or red and you will find lots of small seeds scattered throughout it.

The fruit comes from a cactus plant and has scaly leaves on the outside as well. Most fruit produced by cacti is edible and may be boiled to produce syrup, eaten as potatoes would be or dried to be eaten later.

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Grow Dragon Fruit Plants ( Thanh Long)

Dragon Fruit Nutrition Facts- Vitamins

Dragon fruit is rich in the following nutrients:

How to Prepare and Eat a Dragon Fruit

Dragon Fruit Nutrition Facts- Dragon Fruit for Hair Loss

Eating dragon fruit supplies men and women with omega 3 fatty acids. These fatty acids help hair to grow at a faster rate. If you have problems with dry scalp or damaged hair, adding more sources of omega 3 fatty acids to your diet should health with these issues.

Since this food does supply some protein to the diet, it helps the body to make iron. This is beneficial to women who may be anemic and have heavy periods. Sometimes hair loss is caused by an iron deficiency.

If you are suffering from hair loss you should try to have omega 3 fatty acid sources at least three times per week.

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Dragon Fruit for Dry or Damaged Hair

Some people use dragon fruit for dry or damaged hair. They crush the fruit and apply it before shampooing color treated hair. Rinse it out after 15 or 20 minutes.

Dragon Fruit Nutrition Facts- Healthy Smoothie Recipe - Dragon Fruit - Blueberry - Raspberry - Blackberry

Dragon Fruit Nutrition Facts- Eating Dragon Fruit

You can eat the dragon fruit by scooping out the flesh with a spoon or peeling the fruit and then cubing the flesh for use as an ingredient in salads. You can also have the fruit with ice cream or yoghurt or add it to smoothies.

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      I have never seen this Dragon Fruit. Thanks for sharing this. Voted up and interesting.

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      It is quite an interesting looking fruit DDE.

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