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Plasic Surgery

Updated on June 30, 2009

My decision

I don't have a bikini body. I don't even have a bathing suit body. I like to refer to myself as possessing a snowsuit body. You ought to see me during a snowstorm - hat, mittens, boots, snowsuit.  I look pretty sexy...

But when summer comes around, I get a little self-conscious. I don't like showing my body to the world, especially with lots of skinny, gorgeous high school girls parading around in their shoelaces, otherwise known as their bikinis.

But next summer might be different - I'm thinking of plastic surgery ... a Boob Job.

I have a Type A Personality - I love to make lists. So, let's me create a pros / cons, dear reader, so we can look at the stats:

Looking good ...


  1. Look better
  2. More confident
  3. Feel self - assured
  4. Better, um, relations with spouse (because of confidence)

Breast Augmentation Before and Afters


  1. Potential complications can lead to more surgeries
  2. Cost
  3. Scars
  4. Health problems later (back problems / difficulties getting mammograms)
  5. Death (yep, this is definitely a con!)

Follow the link below to see an even longer list ...

What do I do?

Comparing the Lists

My husband says we are a good couple - he is the practical thinker and I am the aesthetic beauty. I'm noticing that exact same trend with my pros / cons list.

Look at all the pros: each item on the list has to do with beauty, the maxims I live by: look for beauty in all things. Be the most beautiful you can be. I remember as a girl, one of my prayers was, "Please God, make me beautiful when I grow up."A woman was talking about her decision to get a breast job - she compared breast enhancements to surgery that repairs a cleft palette. Both surgeries are meant to make a person more physically attractive.

The cons have to do with the practical reasoning: health. This is what my husband says to me when I talk about the surgery. You are beautiful enough - even if you think you're breasts aren't perfect, you are alive to enjoy them. What happens if something goes wrong?

Sadly, I know the cons have very serious implications but I still consider having the surgery. The idea of enhancing my beauty is very powerful. What do you think? Tell me your thoughts or experiences with this.


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