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Plastic Bottles For Nail Technicians

Updated on September 9, 2013

Storing and Dispensing Acetone

When storing acetone in your HDPE bottle with a child resistant cap, choose a cool dry place away from little fingers.

You may want to purchase a very large bottle, like a 500ml HDPE bottle for storage and then a smaller one, perhaps a 200ml HDPE bottle that you can take on your travels. You can get a twist top, or dropper top that can fit on either bottle to make tipping and dispensing easier and to stop wastage.

What kind of plastic bottle should nail technicians use?

When choosing plastic bottles for nail products, the kind of plastic is really important. You should choose HDPE or High Density Polyethylene because it is designed to be used for strong chemicals and corrosive substances like acetone, thinners and nail tip glue.

You should make sure that you have a child lock cap when transporting and storing acetone and if you are posting it, you need to make sure that you comply with regulations. You may need to use a courier.


HDPE Plastic Bottles With Brush Applicator


Dropper Bottles

You will also need some small dropper bottles that can be used to store thinners and glues for nail tips. Again, HDPE plastic will give you the peace of mind that you need to know that the plastic is fit for purpose and suitable for strong glues and corrosives.

You could choose different coloured caps so that you don't get them mixed up and you can easily identify what you are looking for at a glance.

Again, consider getting a large bottle that you store your substance in and some smaller ones for travelling about or in the nail salon.


Buy Nail Polish Thinner In Bulk

500ml HDPE bottles are ideal for storing thinner and acetone.
500ml HDPE bottles are ideal for storing thinner and acetone. | Source

Thinner or Acetone?

When your nail varnish becomes clumpy, it can be a temptation to use acetone to thin it down. It may seem like it will save you money, but in the long run it won't. Acetone will destroy your nail varnish and this is expensive to replace.

Invest in some good quality nail polish thinner to preserve the life of your polish.

Storing Creams And Potions

You might like to white label your hand creams or lotions when you are branding your services. Choose elegant pots or tubs that will enhance your products and make you look more professional.

You can either buy large quantities of product or make your own.

Consider having a label created that will really look beautiful.

Elegant Pots will enhance your product


What is Nail Polish?

According to Yahoo! Nail Polish is made from refined car paint!

Storing Nail Polish

Store your nail polish in the fridge to preserve the life. Never leave the tops off as fumes can be harmful and they will dry


Applied to your nails, nail polish won't harm you. However, if it is inhaled or ingested it could. Please store polish, acetone and thinners away from small children and be sure to use a child lock cap wherever possible.


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