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Plastic surgery, will it make you happy?

Updated on June 28, 2012

Many young people and even adults yearn to be someone else either having the talents, skills of their peers or, the looks of their entertainment and sports idols.

However, plastic surgery may seem an instant albeit painful solution to a perceived problem, but it’s no alternative for a normal and balanced life-style, which does a lot for a person's individual overall outlook.

The doctors and plastic surgeons can certainly modify looks, the most profound example being Michael Jackson. Plastic surgeons however, cannot modify character, eliminate doubts or improve your self-respect. There is no guarantee that these will disappear after surgery.

Thinking longer term, facial features perceived as dreadful by a teenager today may look quite different at 20 or 21. A teenager is still growing and changing until they reach adulthood. How will the body adapt to pre-emptive changes which their genes haven’t accounted for and probably won’t account for. “I'd like to grow old with my face moving”, said Kate Winslett, an actress on why she would not consider cosmetic surgery.

Setting aside the financial costs there are the potential health risks. There is short term inflammation, numbness and all the potential after effects of a major surgery to deal with. Does it make sense to volunteer to undertake such risks? Is it clinically necessary? Is there a detrimental effect to health without cosmetic surgery?

The motivation to undertake plastic surgery can be strong. For example, do you have difficulty attracting a boy/girl friend? Will plastic surgery get you a better job? Will you get to mix with the in- crowd of your peers? Do all the answers to these questions depend on how you look?

Happiness does not come from your looks. While looks can either boost or restrict self-respect, what really counts are character and mind-sets. That you can change without risking your health or you wallet.

While it’s easier to say than to do, and even easier to write – it does really matter what you are on the inside and that is something you can change.

Have you ever considered plastic surgery?

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