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Plus Size Bridal Corsets and Bustiers

Updated on June 20, 2012

When planning for their big day brides to be often fixate on finding "the dress". Whilst finding a wedding dress which will make you look good and feel special on your wedding day equally important is finding the correct underwear to give you the prefect silhouette to complement your dress. You want to look and feel your best on hopefully one of the best days of your life and that doesn't mean stressing about whether your bra straps are showing or your bodice is going to manage to stay in place with out constant tugging!

I've chosen a selection of bridal corsets and bustiers from plus size lingerie store Hips & Curves which I think any bride would be proud to wear. They ship by Fed Ex international shipping or USPS international if available in your country so are available to plus size brides all over the world.

What's the difference between a bustier and a corset?

Whilst some people use the terms "corset" and "bustier" interchangeably they are in fact two very different items of lingerie. Bustiers are generally tight fitting tops made of stretchy fabric with or without straps which do up with either hooks or buttons. They come in a variety of different fabrics which determines whether they are worn as under or outer wear. Sheer lacy fabrics obviously lend themselves to underwear whilst heavy jacquard type material bustiers are most often worn as evening wear. Bustiers tend to have some light boning to vertical seams to provide gentle shaping but they are not designed to hold you in or reduce your waist size like a corset. Bustiers can usually be washed by hand or on a delicate washing machine cycle whereas corsets require dry cleaning.

Corsets are made up of a number of panels strengthened by metal boning and support as well as shape the waistline, hips and breasts. They are a sturdier garment than a bustier and come in both under bust and over bust varieties. Corsets are capable of reducing your waist by three to four inches and extended wear often called corset training can permanently reshape your figure. Personally I think with a wedding to plan you aren't going to have time to even consider things such as corset training which as a form of body modification I don't agree with, but a smooth corset can be a valuable foundation garment under your wedding dress. Typically a corset fastens up the front with a busk and then is tightened up the back with laces. Just so you know what you're getting yourself in to please see the video below on how to lace up a corset - on your big day hopefully you will have lots of people willing to assist you so this shouldn't be a big issue.

How to lace up a corset yourself

Plus size Bridal Bustier


Sadly this white satin bustier with lace overlay isn't modelled by a plus size model but the good news is that it is very definitely available in plus sizes up to 4X or roughly a US 22 to 24 dress size and comes with a matching thong. The garter and shoulder straps are removable should you want to wear this with a strapless wedding gown.The bustier boasts lightly padded underwired cups and a hip skimming lace ruffle hem. Definitely lingerie you'll be happy to show off on your wedding night.

Raw silk steel boned corset


This stunning ivory silk corset will give you the most exquisite smooth hourglass figure and being lined with cotton twill you know it will be comfortable to wear too. Sizes up to 48 to 49 inch waist plus detachable garters available to order separately if required.

Please remember you will need to measure your waist and order a size approximately 4 inches smaller than your own waist for this item. To measure your waist place the measuring tape flat against the narrowest part of your waist. Make sure the tape does not gape and do not stretch it. You may need to do this a few times or get a friend to assist you to guarantee an accurate measurement.

White Jacquard Plus Size Corset


Simply beautiful. Pretty and feminine this corset with ruffle trim and matching G string is available up to size 6X which is equivalent to a size 26 to 28 US dress size. At just $49.95 it should be well within your wedding day budget too.

Candy pink plus size chemise


Who said all bridal lingerie had to be white, cream or ivory? I know I've cheated a bit by including a chemise but I loved the cute candy pink colour so much I couldn't resist. This sexy mesh chemise comes with a matching g-string and has got the lot - ruffles, bows and an unusual open back detail. Plus can you resist that sugary sweet candy pink?

Plus size bridal stockings


Plus size sheer nylon stockings with a solid stretch band these stockings come in a variety of colours including bridal white, pink, plum, royal, black and red. These stockings are described as Queen size so will fit brides to be up to 6'2" tall and approx 275lbs.

Wedding Day Tip

One of the most important tips I would give to any bride to be is to leave plenty of time to get ready on your wedding day and I am talking from personal experience here. On my wedding day I was getting my hair, nails and make up done prior to going home to my mum's house to get in to my wedding dress and pick up my bouquet to travel to the church. For what ever reason the hairdresser didn't have enough time to do my hair properly so in all my wedding photos my fringe is covering my eyes - not a good look. Being stressed about my hair and not having much time to get in to my wedding dress I forgot my bouquet so had to go back for it making me late for the ceremony. Not exactly the perfect start to married life!


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