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Trendy Plus Size Fashion

Updated on February 27, 2019
IntimatEvolution profile image

Julie gained weight after marriage and hopes to inspire other women to find confidence in their bodies, and in the way they dress.

Plus Size Fashion DO!

Notice how the black is broken up by skin and the leopard print.
Notice how the black is broken up by skin and the leopard print. | Source

Before You Go Looking in Your Closet for Something To Wear

Read this article about plus size fashion trends, styles and do's.
Read this article about plus size fashion trends, styles and do's. | Source

Big Girl Blogs and Style Fashion Sense

For those women, who need help on their fashion style and sensibility, I am listing a couple of my favorite blogs and websites for your ease and accessibility. I have had great luck using their fashion do's and I also hope you will find them just as helpful. What I like about these three websites- is the fact that they are written by plus size women for plus size women. Having that edge and advantage always is a big blessing. There is nothing I hate more than a skinny girl, giving fat chicks advice on what or what not to wear. They do not have a clue on how hard it can be to get our big fat rolls stuffed in a bra, panty, and plus added shapewear, (and then get it to stay in place for entire evening), which makes them poorly qualified to give a fat girl any fashion advice.

  1. One of my favorite online blogs strictly for plus size women is The Big Girl Blog. This plus size princess has great articles and post terrific company links, geared for the plus size woman.
  2. Another of my plus size blogs is the Style Blazer, where they make fashion their number one priority. I have found great undergarments, swimwear sites, and party dress fashions websites in this blog. In the search box just type in plus size and you will be amazed by all the plus size articles they have featured.
  3. My Favorite Blog is by a beautiful young writer named Nadia Aboulhosn. In her blog you will find great photographs of her and her friends trying on different outfits. What I love about her blog is that she features women in three completely different sizes. You can tell that she is very creative and has a strong fashion sense for style. I love how she is able to put together budget friendly outfits, and she does not stop there. She is all about completing the look from what accessories to wear, shoes, makeup and hair styles. It is such a fresh take on a difficult dressing situation. She makes looking beautiful fun and easy.

Big Fashion Tips from Marie Claire Magazine

Top Plus Size Fashion Stylists

Fashion Designers
Sorella Plus Size
$55 and Up
Date Night, Girls Night
$39 and Up
Curvy Girl
$20 - $169
Liesl Binx
Day to Evening wear
$139 and $169

Gothic Inspired Plus Size Clothing - a DO!

Taking a lesson from plus size gothic lovers.
Taking a lesson from plus size gothic lovers. | Source

What Your Style of Clothing Says About You

  1. How in the heck do you expect to attract a halfway decent playmate, if you do not give two plug nickels about the way you look? Wear a “wifebeater" tank, land yourself a wife beating man. It is that simple ladies. If you are expecting something else, well that is your real problem.
  2. The way we dress is simply another way of telling other people, what we are willing to accept. Want to look sexy? Then dress sexy according to the size of person you are.

Fashion Savoy Goths

  • I was watching a show on the Travel channel the other day, about a Gothic Cruise vacation. The show featured real men and women, strutting their stuff on a cruise ship to somewhere exotic, wearing all Gothic themed clothing, makeup and accessories.
  • What I found to be the hottest aspect of the show was how all these gothic dressers, had a strong sense of fashion and they knew exactly how to dress their individual fat rolls or height issues, and literally transform their bodies into better looking incredibly sexier and more confident. It was awesome and none of them wore exercise clothing when they went out. Moreover, they all knew how to accentuate their props and thunders and make themselves look spectacular. Too many times, plump and fat equals sloppy and lazy.

Voluptuous Women Do's Article Worth Reading

Voluptuous Women is a hub article written by a longtime, hub writer from Chicago, Illinois. In RKHenry's article, he showcases the beauty of well dressed plus size women. In his article he writes about the health benefits that many well fed women experience from being so healthy. He also showcases beautiful plus size women in a wide variety of clothing, and his article has really inspired me to look prettier when I go out with friends.

What Do You Think?

Do you think there are sexier outfits a heavy set woman can wear, besides exercise leggings and a tank top?

See results

Spandex for Day or Evening Wear is a Big No NO!

Lets face it people, Spandex™ on certain ladies is about as attractive as a big ball of earwax, on a fresh new cotton Q-tip. Take it from a plus-size lady, who suffered through the Spandex™ of the 1980’s once already, there is nothing sexy about a big girl in Spandex™. It is just not the right fit for us. I also am of the opinion that females are just asking to be made fun of, when they choose to wear outfits like that, which are too tight, ill fitting, and way too snug. Not only that but, it really is a poor way of getting attention. If a woman is craving attention that badly, she needs to try looking nice in a different way. It has always been my advice that women need to shy away from unnecessary attention such as; extra stares, snickers, and mean girl giggles. Big women, who post pictures that show themselves wearing Spandex™ with a tube top on the Internet, might feel sexy but, unfortunately do not look the part through other people's prying eyes. Ill fitting clothes on a heavyset woman only makes her look desperate, when she wears an all lycra outfit on a date night or girls night out. Its time that us big size lasses, stop giving skinny girls a reason to tease, and start dressing sexy the right way, and stop dressing fat rolls in inappropriate clothing choices.

Some people might ask themselves the question as to why I care about what another big girl wants to wear in public. Good question, and the answer to that question is that it tends to make ALL of us fatties, targets of bad jokes and bullying. People in America also tend to stereotype a whole group of people, off of the actions of one person. Sexy and chunky is one thing and looking ridiculous in Spandex™, is altogether an entirely different matter. If a woman has to wear Spandex™, she should use it as shapewear or a girdle. Save the exercise clothes as backup when the corsets and girdles are dirty from the work week.

Heavy-Metal Iron Maiden Band in 1985

Iron Maiden Rockband of the 1980's
Iron Maiden Rockband of the 1980's | Source

The Spandex Craze is Over!

  • Spandex™ first appeared on the fashion scene, back in the mid nineteen eighties, even heavy-metal rock bands got into the craze. What plump, large, and plus size ladies fail to realize is that spandex, does not even look good on most skinny people either. Extreme athletes are about the few people who can pull off a complete exercise leggings and tank top look. Make no mistake about it, Spandex does not make for sexy outerwear or loungewear either. Not really, it just looks like gymwear and in the gym is where it needs to stay. So how about it girls if the diehard, heavy-metal, rock bands can give it up, I know you can.

Learning to Dress Your Body and Not the Fat

RUE107's graphic prints do wonders for plus size women.  If you like tight fitting clothes, go for it in a graphic print or pattern.
RUE107's graphic prints do wonders for plus size women. If you like tight fitting clothes, go for it in a graphic print or pattern.

Curvaous Fashion Goes Mainstream

  • An exciting fact about the plus size fashion world is that companies are now making larger sizes more affordable. Today I can buy my favorite bras for a fraction of the price I use to pay. It is nothing for me to catch one of my bra styles on sale, and come home with two or three pieces costing me around $18 USD a piece. Just a few short years ago I was paying upwards to $74 USD each for a good bra in size 42DD.
  • Two years ago when I bought my first pair of high waisted, tummy controlled bikini bottoms from my favorite swimwear company, I paid a whopping $116 USD for just the bottom bikini piece. This year- this company's amazing high waisted, tummy controlled bottoms are starting at $55 USD.
  • Now that curvaous fashion is going mainstream, not only are we seeing trendy outfits made to exude sex appeal to romantic evening looks and sophisticated daywear; but we are also seeing mainstream pricing points and sale pricing markdowns!

What's New in the Plus Size Fashion Industry

Ladies, I know this might be hard to believe especially if you are a plus size woman but, one of the biggest concerns in fashion today is the severe lack of plus size fashion designers, to feed the hottest growing fashion trend on the market today - big women. Ironically, the fashion industry is screaming for plus size models, and the plus size designers already in business, cannot keep up with the demand. Plus size women's wear companies such as RUE107, Lane Bryant, and Monif C. fill retail orders as fast as they can but, many companies are backlogged resulting in long, backorder, waiting periods. I should know..., I am a plus size woman. I wear a size 18 women's and finding items in my size and currently in stock- is a very daunting task.

I am learning that if you are wanting the latest style, while it is still a trend; pre-order the item a full season ahead. For instance, I buy all my swimwear from Sorella. I pack a pair of 42DD's, and need a strong, self-supporting, bikini top with cups and underwire for the hot summer days, when I will be out boating at the Lake of the Ozarks here in Osage Beach, Missouri. I went online to look at the new 2014 swimwear bikini tops. Thankfully this company allows their customers to pre-order an item that might not currently be in stock but, will be in stock before the season. Last year I waited until April to shop and buy my new swimwear pieces. Boy was that a big mistake since, I did not receive the product until that following July. What I found remarkable when I called into the customer service hotline in June of 2013, was their own explanation for why my product had not arrived. The customer service person explained the delay on supply and demand. She said that bigger size women are being scouted for by top name designer houses for their ability to maintain a feminine silhouette, while wearing loud, bold, and striking contemporary patterns. I said, "What?" She then proceeded to tell me how they make product based off last years' sales and that they underestimated the high demand for this year's sales, and their manufacturers can not produce the orders fast enough to meet the high demand. So..., consider yourself warned! If you see something you just have to have- order it now.

Save the Workout Clothes for Healthy Curavous Cardio


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  • IntimatEvolution profile imageAUTHOR

    Julie Grimes 

    6 years ago from Columbia, MO USA

    Wish more men and women saw it your way!

  • no body profile image

    Robert E Smith 

    6 years ago from Rochester, New York

    Being able to see yourself as God sees you, as a woman of worth and beauty is the key I believe. Woman have their beauty shining from the inside out. As the person's joy comes out the beauty is there for all to see. Tastefulness and smarts I think is what it calls for. It doesn't matter her size because those qualities can be in anyone. Great hub.

  • IntimatEvolution profile imageAUTHOR

    Julie Grimes 

    6 years ago from Columbia, MO USA

    LOVE love love the attitude! I agree 100%. You made my day.

  • poetryman6969 profile image


    6 years ago

    Sexy! No need to look smaller if you look good as is.


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