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Why I Love Plus Size Models and Women in General

Updated on July 21, 2011

Plus Size Defined

So what is Plus Size anyway? Well, Plus Size is a relative concept mostly applied to women's fashion and clothing. It is larger than the standard size and the standard size changes with every passing human generation.

Plus Size today, for me at least, is a size of clothing for women that would fit someone who is not a skinny stick thin figure. Because in modern times, the standard for women is to either remain thin and sickly or over athletic, plus size is basically the definition of what a normal woman would look like if we removed the compulsion to stick to crash diets or insane workout regimens and 30-50 years ago, women who are considered plus size today would probably be considered normal or even slightly on the thinner side. I have always loved voluptuous women and I almost exclusively only date curvy women.

So now that we have that out of the way let move on to further analysis

So When Did All this Skinny Fascination Begin?

I am of the opinion that our fascination of tiny women with flat chests and narrow hips began with the cocaine infused '80s. There was a weird kind of acceptance of being frail and ghostly. If you have ever seen the move Scarface, you will see that the then sexy Michelle Pfeiffer basically looked like a pre-pubescent teenage boy and yet she was the epitome of beauty of the time because that was the fashion of that time. Her clothes, shoes and hair all spoke of the 80's style and so did her malnourished body. Of course, her role was that of an addicted gold digger and I admire her acting talent. In the 70's however, women were still curvy and gorgeous (like the plus size models of today)

Ten or Twenty years before, women were expected to be women! That is all I am going to say. If you have seen the show Mad Men, then you know what I am talking about. Christina Hendricks has stolen the show. People see her today (because it is a modern show) and are strangely conflicted. She is not thin by any means. She is a full figured beautiful and, dare it say it, bountiful woman. So how can she be sexy, they think? Some other example of beautiful plus size models include Whitney Thompson, Mia Tyler and Kate Dillon. Check out all of these plus size models. You will understand where I am coming from.

This is not how it was supposed to be. Curvy women who have been starving themselves for ages to the point where they look like deflated balloons look at her and wonder where they missed a trick. They did not need to starve at all! Another example of a woman who is ultra sexy is Nigella Lawson. When she does her cooking shows, my mouth waters for more than just the food!

Why Do I Like Plus Size Models

Yeah I love curvy women, but there is something more! I like more than just one helping of curves. I like several helpings. I like my women plus size! That means that I love plus size models. Plus size models have become all the rage in fashion magazines, clothing stores and billboards these days because a lot of them are more gorgeous than "regular" models. And what is there not to like about them? They are soft and womanly. They have healthy glowing complexions. They are women! Real women! That is what women are supposed to be.

Men are supposed to be hard, muscular, thin and strong. Why do modern women try to fit that role to be more attractive to men? I don't get it! The most beautiful thing about a woman, in my honest opinion is the slight curve of her belly, yet every single one of my female friends work tirelessly in the gym and eat watercress soup every day for dinner to try to get rid of that softness under their bellybuttons.

They want hard stomachs and abs! Can you imagine? If I ask them, why, they tell me that they actually think that it is attractive to have a six pack. I am flabbergasted. Then I show them pictures of my favorite plus size models. They agree that these plus size models are gorgeous but not mainstream beautiful. I wish women would understand that they are beautiful just by being women and they don't need to align themselves with some fashion designer's idea of beauty which includes slender and hard bodies that women were never supposed to have.


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    • Nekomeme profile image

      Nekomeme 7 years ago from Iowa

      I agree with you that women should not compare themselves to some unhealthy ideal set by fashion designers whose main goal is to make a living coat rack out of women.

      I also do not think real women are 'supposed' to be plus-sized. Women are born into many different shapes and sizes, and no shape is 'the ideal shape', but it depends on the individual woman's natural structure. So long as you eat a healthy diet, get regular exercise, and do not overeat, it doesn't matter what size a woman is, whether stick-thin or chubby.

      It is fine if you personally like women who are bigger, but it seems very creepy to push the image of plus-sized women as The Ideal Woman.

      While it is not my job to judge, from how you talk and the content of this article I think you may have too much of a focus on appearance and not enough on who the person is.

      Personal preference is just that and people shouldn't try to convince others that their bodies looking a certain way is the best.