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Plus Size Panties For Men (And Women) - Rant Edition

Updated on October 12, 2009

All kinds of men like to wear lingerie, from the lithe long distance runner types, to the big burly construction worker types. Many men who wear lingerie find that they require rather large women's underwear sizes, perhaps because they happen to have a large masculine build which makes them a great deal bigger than the average woman, or because just they're carrying a little extra heft.

Men of all shapes and sizes can enjoy wearing women's lingerie, and this article was going to take a look at some of the sexy plus size panties that are currently on the market. Unfortunately, as I began to delve deeper into researching the topic, and as you will probably have noticed if you're a larger sized man or woman, panties made in larger sizes tend to be very bland and boring affairs, industrial swathes of white (or, for some unknown reason, drab brown) cotton and spandex with all the sex appeal of an adult diaper. For some reason, underwear manufacturers seem to have determined that 'plus size' actually means 'waistband extends all the way up under the arms, and the rest of the panty provides enough coverage for a small khazakstani village'

This is pretty unfair for women who happen to be on the larger side of things, not to mention the men. Whatever happened to celebrating rubenesque beauty? Why should big ladies and big boys be relegated to grandma panties? Bring on the lace! The mesh! The razzle dazzle and the sensual sultriness of satin and bold colors! One would have thought that plus size panties would give the manufacturer more to work with. More space for lace, more flesh for mesh! Plus sized panties should be celebrations of sexuality, not instruments of shame.

Sexy Plus Size Panties For Men

Panties of Shame

Vanity Fair's Classic Ravissant Brief illustrates the sins of plus size lingerie admirably. The only way that the manufacturer could have made them less sexy is by printing the words "I'm fat, don't touch me," across the expansive front panel. It's a well known design rule that you can make things look bigger by making them one block of boring color, and Vanity Fair seems to have gone out of their way to create a panty that will make someone look as large as possible. A nice tasteful lace inset in the middle could have made all the difference for these panties, and allowed the wearer to feel beautiful, sexy, and feminine, instead of like a walking refridgerator.

Fortunately, there are a few manufacturers who don't treat larger people like social pariahs who couldn't possibly want to have a sex life. Click the link to find some sexy plus size panties that will make you feel hot and sultry whether you're a woman or a man.


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    • Stina Sense profile image

      Stina Sense 7 years ago from Los Angeles, CA

      Thanks for your post, it really made me laugh. Plus size panties are so drab! But they are a necessity if you are plus size. I will check out Vanity Fair for sure, and I really like the silky ones that Lane Bryant offers.

    • supersteve profile image

      supersteve 8 years ago from london

      i love big size panties i have got about 20pairs they are great i want to tell the world that i wear womens panties so spread the word

    • profile image

      mike 9 years ago

      hi hope in buying panties for myself i love the breifs i have several pair of vanity fair lace nouveau breifs i find you can buy a smaller size because of the stretch.i buy size 7 or 8 in breifs. in high cuts i get size 10.these wife & i share we try to wear matching panties & bras . ok back on track.i go larger because bikni tend to roll down. so guys go out & buy high quality panties