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Plus Size Swimwear and Swimsuits

Updated on May 12, 2011

Are you looking to buy the perfect plus size swimwear? When it’s time to find a new swimsuit then you will pleased that there are many style options to suit your needs. There are skirted, wrap, underwire, tankini, swimdress, and of course the traditional styles to suit your preferences. Each type of plus size swimwear is designed to make you feel much comfortable in appearance, as well when wearing the item. These products are also designed to help minimize unflattering areas on your body while creating a slimming look. They help hide belly fat and cellulite. Some are even designed to help cover up stretch marks. Designs are found in beautiful prints that are stylish that you can feel conformable wearing for several seasons. You won’t have to worry about the designs going out of style. Learn the various plus size swimwear options that are available to suit your needs and preferences.

Plus Size Swimwear: Skirted

Skirted plus size swimwear are very popular options for women seeking to hide imperfections in the hips and thigh area. Skirted swimsuits are also designed to hide the buttocks and visible stretch marks. They also work well for plus size women who have cellulite on buttocks and just below that area.

Skirted swimsuits can be found in traditional two strap styles. However if you prefer halter top option with a skirt then there are many styles available for your needs.

Plus Size Underwire

Plus size swimwear that features control with an underwire option is preferred for women with very large breasts.

Plus size underwire swimsuits come in a wide variety of styles.

Women can find them in the skirtini, tankini, and halter options – as well as the traditional styles.

If you feel body conscious and need the underwire cup then consider getting a style that features the skirt or skirtini option.

You can also find underwire plus size swimwear that comes in halter option if you need maximum control.

Plus Size Swimdress

A plus size swimdress provides the most cover-up of swimwear for women. A plus size swimdress provides maximum coverage in the thighs, hips and buttocks area.

Plus size swimwear that features a swimdress style is much like the skirt option; however, skirting lengths are a little longer.

Consider buying a swimdress style if cellulite on thighs is a concern. This plus size swimwear option will cover up those areas. They also come in trendy or fashionable styles to suit your needs.

Plus Size Tankini

A plus size tankini is a great choice if you want something other than a one piece. A tankini for women provides coverage to the stomach area and helps for a slimming effect in appearance. Tankini suits are also great if you choose to mix or match tops and bottoms to give you more choices.

Just like most other plus size swimwear styles, a tankini can also be found in halter options and helps provide control in the chest area of the body while swimming or lounging.

Wrap Swimsuit

The wrap swimsuit style is great for hiding belly fat. A wrap swimsuit works by creating a much more slimming appearance. The plus size swimwear itself is designed for tummy control, while the sewn on wrap portion is designed to cover up any frontal bumping. 

The bottom half of a wrap swimsuit is generally low cut. Designs are done this way to give the hip area also a slimming appearance. Imperfections on the buttocks region and thighs are also less noticeable due to the nice designs.

Plus Size Swimwear Other Options

The popular brand, Spanx has a line of swimwear for plus size women. If you are a Spanx lover then you might want to consider purchasing one of their branded suits. This particular plus size swimwear features moderate control on those areas that you want minimized.


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