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Where To Find A Plus Size Wedding Dress

Updated on November 12, 2010

Society is getting significantly bigger. Whether that is a good thing, a bad thing, or a sign of the very end times themselves is a matter open to much discussion. What matters though, is finding clothing to accommodate the larger sizes that are ubiquitous. Finding every day clothing can be a challenge to be sure, but what's even more of a challenge is finding clothing for special occasions, like weddings.

In response to the increasing demand for plus size wedding dresses, Yukia Walker, herself a once plus size bride, opened a bridal store in Maryland called 'Curvaceous Coture', a store that carries plus size wedding dresses from sizes 16 through to 32. Dresses start at a thousand dollars and run up the price ladder from there, and Yukia has no trouble finding people willing to pay several thousand dollars for a well fitted plus size wedding gown.

To say that Curvaceous Culture has been a success is an understatement indeed, women from all over America have been making the trip to Maryland to find a wedding dress that they don't have to pinch themselves into after going on a dangerous crash diet. Future Curvaceous Culture stores are planned for Dallas, Atlanta and Chicago.

If you don't have thousands of dollars to spend on a wedding dress, take heart, there are other places to purchase wedding dresses, especially if you don't have your heart set on buying a completely new dress you'll wear only once. EBay is an excellent source for plus size wedding dresses, either new or used, and prices start at $150 or even less.

Craigslist is also a good place to find wedding dresses being sold by brides who have previously worn them, after all, this is not an economy in which many people want to hold on to a dress that they only wore once, no matter how special the day was.

Keeping your ear to the ground in your local community is also a good idea, if you are having a traditional church wedding, you may find that there are members of the congregation with dresses they would be only to happy to lend, loan or give away.

In spite of the fact that fashion seems determined to ignore the plus size market for as long as it can, plus sized people are not going away, and they deserve to have pretty things as much as anyone else does.


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