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Plus Sized Fashion Tips to Help You Look Slim and Feel Beautiful

Updated on April 10, 2017

Be bold and beautiful with your color choices

For awhile, I was a plus sized woman and one thing that I found out was that wearing black did not make me look slimmer. Neither did baggy, over sized clothes. The only thing that I felt wearing big sweatshirts was frumpy and outdated. It was easy to fall into a fashion frump being over weight. And, even as the weight came off, I didn't like the way I looked because I was dressing wrong for my body type and personality.

What I found was that wearing bright colors, even bold reds and lighter pastels such as pinks was just right for making me feel good about my body's ever changing shape.

And, though the color did not cover up my weight issues, it helped me have confidence to get out in public and socialize with friends. Being bold and beautiful in bright clothes made me feel like myself again, so I didn't feel like a recluse. The bright colors helped me shine and radiate confidence. And, the more I liked how I looked, the more I was able to do both in public and in my personal life.

Clothes don't make a woman look thin, weight loss does and that takes time. Before then, you need to nurture your confidence by wearing bright happy colors that make you feel bold and beautiful, not clothes that fool the eye.

More figure flattering tips to help you look slim

A few more tips to help you look great whatever your weight:

  • Slim fitting easy care slinky knits will make it easy to get dressed.
  • Stretchy waist bands will keep you comfortable.
  • If you are short waisted, avoid clothes that make you look like a box.
  • Try on a knit shirt that clings to your figure, without bunching around your mid section.
  • Wear slimming pants in easy care knits.
  • Don't be afraid to wear florals or prints if that makes you happiest.
  • Wear form fitting clothes that follow the curves of the body
  • Avoid big trapeze like dresses and blouses that look more like a sack
  • Invest into a proper fitting that lifts the bust and creates the hour glass figure
  • Wear tummy toning hose for light body sculpting under clothes.
  • Don't shy away from trendy clothes
  • Wear the right size as clothes that are two sizes too small make you look two sizes bigger.

Don't forget to express your own personality in your clothing. Size or weight should not limit your fashion options. Go with the colors and styles of clothing that make you happy. So long as the clothing is a proper fit, you should feel encouraged to wear it.

Looking and feeling beautiful whatever your size

No need to postpone the happy moments of your life (wedding, parties, reunions, relationships), until you lose weight.

Be happy with your current weight and look, even as you are living a healthy lifestyle and trying to lose weight.

That way you will feel just as beautiful when you reach your goal as you did when you started it.

Just think about the things that make you beautiful. Your eyes! Your smile? Voluptuous figure? That gorgeous laugh. Focus on the sparkly parts of your personality and the things you like most about your body and accentuate those with fashion, make up and accessories and you will radiate beauty, whatever your size.


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