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Poetic Justice Braids

Updated on December 26, 2012

Poetic Justice / Box Braids / "Dookie Braids" it's all in the same realm (:

So this past weekend, I got Poetic Justice Braids. This is a hairstyle originally called "Box Braids," but since Janet Jackson sported them back in '93 in my favorite movie, Poetic Justice, they have been called Poetic Justice braids ever since.

This is a style, thicker, sometimes longer and healthier than micro braids.

Micro Braids v. Poetic Justice Braids (Pros and Cons)

Micros (Pro): They look good and you can get them in the invisible style which Beyonce sported in Carmen: A Hip Hopera.

Poetic Justice (Pro): Looks good and very pretty which Janet Jackson sported in Poetic Justice.

Micros (Con): Takes up to 2-3 days depending on the size of your head to do. Mine took two days total.

Poetic Justice (Con): Very heavy on the head since they are so thick

Micros (Con): The braids can easily slip out and can rip out your hair in the process

Poetic Justice (Con/Pro): Takes up to 8 hours.

Micros (Con): Takes forever to take out

Poetic Justice (Pro): Healthier on your hair, helps it grow easier and does not rip out your hair.

So that is my list. Feel free to add more. I'm having fun with my Poetic Justice braids. People look at me like I'm a hippie or like I'm just down right crazy for bringing back this 1990s hairstyle. But I don't care. I like to be different (:

Solange Knowles sported this hairstyle back in 2011. But I didn't know of this until I was considering getting Poetic Justice Braids around August of 2012. And now judging by Twitter, lol, Beyonce is sporting the style too! I didn't hear of this until a day after I got my braids. So no one can say I was only trying to fit in like Solange or Beyonce. No. I wanted this style before I heard of it.

I know the style is coming back and I'm happy that it is.....but I like to be the only one in my city sporting the style (:

Anyway...over and out... Tina (:


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      Lakai 3 years ago

      Thanks I will definitely get the for back to school and this my first but I think I will be fine