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Polka Dot Bikini

Updated on March 16, 2011

Evolution of the Polka Dot Bikini

In 1960, the popularity of the polka dot bikini began with the hit song "Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini." While the song is timeless, so isn't the actual polka dot bikini. While you can find teeny versions of the yellow polka dot bikini, you can also find a variety of less revealing, various colored polka dot bikinis.

Now, you can find a polka dot bikini in any style bikini with any color polka dots and polka dot sizes. The only problem you'll face is making the final decision as to what polka dot bikini you'll end up with. Online, the choices are endless. Whether you want a very feminine pink polka dot bikini or a very classic yellow or black and white polka dot bikini, online shopping will yield the greatest results. Two great places to shop online are and also eBay.

If you feel that you must try your new bikini on before purchasing, just remember these few tips for finding the right style polka dot bikini for you.

Which Style Polka Dot Bikini Is Right For You?

Finding the right polka dot bikini can be a disappointing or discouraging experience for many of us. Here's a few tips for you to keep when shopping for your new polka dot bikini.

  • Be realistic about your body shape and physique. If you don't have the body for a bikini, don't wear one. There are plenty of sexy and stylish one-piece polka dot bathing suits.

  • If you're apple-shaped. Opt for polka dot bikinis that have halter style tops with built in support. Your goal is to minimize your upper body, so anything that draws attention in at the top is good. You are naturally larger up top, so any style bottoms will look great on you. That is, unless you are very petite - then you should not wear boy-short style or too-long polka dot - they will only make your legs look shorter.
  • If you're pear-shaped, opt for ruffled or very intricately topped polka dot bikinis. You need to add width to your upper body, so wide-strapped bikini tops and fancy straps will work well too. Opt for shorter boy-shorts or skirt bottoms if you're uncomfortable with your legs.
  • If you're hour-glass shaped then you're the envy of all. While halter style tops will accentuate your upper curves, bottoms that tie at the side of the hips will accentuate your lower half. Boy-shorts and skirts an be easily worn.
  • If you're athletic or very straight-shaped, then sporty styles of polka dot bikinis look best on you. Opt for wide strapped bikini tops that cover around like a tube top, or even a nice halter could add curves. Be careful with string style bikinis, as it may may you look more boy-shaped than you are. More importantly, you look great in any style bottom, because you have the body for it.

Most importantly, have fun shopping for your polka dot bikini and make sure you love it. A polka dot bikini is a classic style, so you can wear it for summers to come. Also make sure that your polka dot bikini makes you feel feminine and confident. No one wants to step out the locker room in a polka dot bikini they are not completely comfortable in.

Polka Dot Bikini

Polka dot bikini
Polka dot bikini


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