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Polka Dot Blouse

Updated on March 16, 2011

A Polka Dot Blouse in Every Closet

A polka dot blouse can be perfect for any occasion from the most formal dinner parties to an afternoon birthday party in the park. It all depends on the cut of the shirt, as well as the color of the polka dot blouse. No matter what age or what size you are, a polka dot blouse can be right for you.

For the best selection of colors and styles of polka dot blouse, try looking online at sites like or the world's largest auction site eBay. If you prefer shopping in stores, don't just buy the first polka dot blouse you see. Make sure to find a polka dot blouse that fits you well, flatters your shape, and that you absolutely love the polka dot pattern color and design of it. If you don't, then wait until you find something that suits you better, or start looking online for exactly what you want.

Polka dot blouses can be for you both day and night depending on the cut of the blouse, as well as color. Here are a few tips for wearing the right style blouse for the right occasion.

The Right Polka Blouse for You

  • For casual wear, opt for cotton-based comfortable polka dot blouses in cute styles. Depending on whether you want it for the summer or winter, opt for short-sleeves, mid-length sleeves, or long-sleeves. For casual occasions, opt for any color polka dot blouse and any sized dots. If you're on the heavier side, choose an average size dot. Tiny polka dots will make you look larger, as will overly large polka dots.
  • For office wear, opt for silk or other more luxurious fabrics in your polka dot blouse. Depending on how casual the office is, you could almost opt for any color or size polka dot pattern. If you work in a very formal office, opt for deeper and more classic polka dot colors like black with white, white with black, navy blue with white, white with navy blue, red with white, or white with red. Just try not to wear a multi-colored polka dot if the office is very formal, hold onto that blouse for more casual wear.
  • For formal wear, opt always for wrap blouses or other very form fitting blouses in luxurious fabrics that drape nicely. Choose very classic polka dot sizes and colors. Stick with black with white dots or white with black in a not-too-small, not-too-large polka dot.

As with any clothing, the most important thing to consider is your confidence when wearing your polka dot blouse. If you don't feel good about yourself when you try it on, return it. If you think it won't be appropriate for where you're going, don't wear it. Confidence is key in making you look and feel as beautiful as you can.

Polka Dot Blouse

Polka dot blouse
Polka dot blouse


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