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PoloT Shirts

Updated on December 2, 2010

Polo T shirts are the preferred attire for the casual look and are worn for comfort as well as style. This Hub will touch on how you can create and design your very own custom as well as branded... very own Polo T Shirt. If you haven't done this before don't worry too much , this is a pretty much straight forward process which should require more than a day of your time.If you have a local Embroidery outlet or even a internet to customize your Polo Shirt online.


The main thing here is that you design a shirt that suits you so you will be happy with the end result.To make this process that much easier, there is a website called the polo brand site that will let you customize your own polo t shirt. You will get to choose and pick your own color as well as the color of the hours-man logo and your measurements. There are other options available if you want to make a more advanced shirt for yourself.Even if you do not decide to order from the site itself, this is a good place to learn the basics and get ideas.

Ideas for your Polo Shirt

Here is where you can really put your own touch into your design. Do a rough sketch of how you would like your polo shirt to look. You may want to have lettering on the back or your own personal logo on the front this part of the process is totally up to you. It is important that you leave room on the upper left hand side of the front of your shirt to put tour own spin on the patch where all polo shirts have their logo.

Items Needed

You can purchase embroidered iron-on letters to place on your shirt which you can get at your local embroidery outlet.Take a little time to lay out all your letters logos patches on the shirt to make sure that everything fits and is in proportion with the size of the shirt. Once you have decided on where all your lettering's, patches will be placed on your shirt you will need some fabric glue which can also be purchased, this will give extra strength to your work.

You can also use fabric paint if you consider yourself a bit of an artist and create your own personal picture, do this after your have placed on the patches to see what space left you have to work with.Don't be lacking in adding your own original and personal flavour to Polo T Shirt, and when you have completed this project you will be proud to wear your new custom made Polo Shirt

Final Stages

One you are happy with the end result and you have all your elements in place you will need to allow your shirt to dry for at least 24 hours. Make sure the area is dry and not damp. Don't attempt to move your shirt from that area until you are sure that everything is dry and firmly fixed.After 24 hours it should be safe to to turn your shirt on the other side and place your design on the front with your new logo on the top left hand side.

Remember that the Logo or patch is your personal symbol and will represent the Theme of your New Shirt. Now all that's required of you is to follow or Use the same process to secure these elements to the front of your Shirt and once again let it dry for at least another 24 hours and wala! you have just made your very own customized, personalized Polo T Shirt.... now get out there and show off!


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