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Popular Modern Hair Designs for Men

Updated on January 9, 2018
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Tamara Wilhite is a technical writer, industrial engineer, mother of 2, and a published sci-fi and horror author.


What are some of the top hair designs for men? What are the best hair designs for men who need to look good at work and play? What are some simple hair designs for guys who want to stand out from the crowd? What cool hair designs have shown up in the past few years that are simple to maintain?

Simple Hair Designs for Men

The simple casual keeps the hair shorter on the side and longer on top for easy maintenance, while the length on top is flexible. Have it a little longer for bangs you can brush to the side or long on top so you can style it with mouse into waves or a Mohawk on weekends.

The buzz cut is the ultimate in simplicity. All the hair is cut very short such that the scalp can be seen. Some people vary the buzz cut by having the trimmers cut closer on the sides than on the top.

Professional Hair Designs for Men

Professional haircut designs lines tend toward straight and clean, without long hair or longer hair that can be styled or hidden from view when at work.

The brushed up men’s haircut is similar to the simple casual cut. This style has men’s hair longer on the top and sides than the back. Hair can be styled into an upward wave, Mohawk or pulled back into a ponytail.

On a side note, either of these hair styles with longer in front hair with shorter hair everywhere else can create the illusion of a full head of hair on men with a receding hairline.

Round cuts are the best choice for men with an angular face and curly hair. The hair on top is about half an inch longer than the sides. When do you need a trim? When the hair starts to look too bushy.

The side part is a classic hairstyle. It is a professional hair style suitable for school, work and anywhere in between. Your father probably had a side part, since it has been standard for boys and adults for years. It can take some hair gel or careful styling to put every strand in place, but it looks great for occasions like job interviews and dates. The haircut parts should be placed where it fits with your hairline, not the direction that famous people use. For example, while most people where their hair parted to the right, don’t get the hair cut in a way that is contrary to your natural curves and waves.

Caesar cuts are suitable at any age due to their convenience and low maintenance.
Caesar cuts are suitable at any age due to their convenience and low maintenance. | Source

Cool Hair Designs

Do you want the light layer of hair that lets your scalp breathe without a buzz cut or shaving it all off? The Caesar hair cut trims the sides to mere stubble while having an half inch to an inch of longer hair on top. This hair style can be worn clean-shaven or light stubble. The Caesar hair cut is a good choice for guys who hate their curly hair but don’t want something so short they end up with hair standing on end once it is longer than a buzz cut.

The fade haircut features longer hair on top, nearly none near the nape and ears, and fades from near nothing to a full head of hair as you progress up the head. This is a short hair style that lets your scalp breathe without the hard look of a newly shaved Marine.

Urban Hair Designs for Men

The side part pompadour sports short hair on the sides with long hair on top, while a side part separates it from the professional hair styles discussed earlier. The longer hair on top is kept in place with pomade. The pompadour style usually has tightly held down styles with more hair on top that fades or is compressed in the back. It is so named for the pomp of the hair that has volume in the front.

The pompadour hair style can be done with intermediate or long hair on top. This style can be combined with the top knot men’s haircut, when you put the hair on top into a ponytail when it isn’t hanging loose. This hair style became popular in 2014. And the top knot can be done with short or nearly shaved sides and back of the head.

What if you don’t want to wear your bangs with a part? The short back and sides look features a long hair on the top of the head with short back and sides, but it gradually tapers to a tip on the front. This is a type of undercut, which Business Insider ranked as one of the most popular haircuts of 2015. The benefit of this style is that it fits you no matter what your hair type, straight, curly or kinky.

All mohawk designs among men’s haircuts fall into the category of casual hair cuts and are certain urban hair designs for men. If you have long hair on top with short to shaven hair on the sides, you can wear a Mohawk. You may want to make sure the hair is long enough that you can pull it into a ponytail or man-bun when the situation warrants. If you shave the sides of your head, this style can show off tattoos on the side of your head while giving you the ability to hide them by wearing the crest of hair down if the situation warrants.

Crazy Hair Designs for Men

The man bun became popular in 2015, and it is just what it is called – men wearing a hair bun. This hair style tends to be done with the hair pulled back from the forehead and tied to the center of the head, allowing guys who otherwise have long hair on the side of their face up and out of the way. Wear a man bun under a hat or restaurant hair net, and you meet short hair dress codes. Wear it on the street, and you have an attention getting hairstyle without the hassle and negative connotations of long hippy hair. Men’s hair buns coupled with a strong beard are certainly gender-bending.

Tattoo Hair Designs for Men

Integrating tattoos into hair designs depends on how you want to fit them in. You can shave your entire head so the tattoos stand out. Wear a fade hair cut so that the tattoos on the side of your head or neck stand out but you have hair on the top of the head to soften the look. Or wear a Mohawk that causes the tattoos to stand out until you brush the hair down into a longer hairstyle or cover them up with a ponytail. You can wear a Caesar haircut that lets you shave patterns into the hair to accent or extend a tattoo.

Black Hair Designs for Men

The undercut is one style suitable for black men, as is the Caesar already mentioned above. However, the texture of black men’s hair creates challenges and opportunities in hair styling others don’t face. For example, black men’s hair allows them to cut patterns and designs into the hair on the sides of their head whether they wear an undercut or buzz cut.

The fade haircut is popular with both black and white men, but the fade haircut where the sides shift from smooth skin to short hair to a thicker head of hair on top are more popular with blacks.

Black men can wear Mohawks. Due to their unique hair texture, black men can shave designs into the hair on the sides or shave it smooth to show off tattoos. And the hair on the top of the head can stand up on its own as a crest or grow longer and stand up as a crest with less gel than a white man’s hair. Or use a little gel and styling with the hair on top to combine a fade cut with a curly top for a stylish low Mohawk.


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