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Popular Styles of Cheap Reef Flip Flops - Bargain Reef Sandals

Updated on June 13, 2009

Why Buy Reef Flip Flops?

The Reef company has an interesting history. It's a classic American dream story. Once upon a time, two Argentine surfer brothers collaborated to produce one of the best sandals the world has ever known: the Reef flip flop.

Since the company's founding in 1995, Reef has designed dozens of styles of flip flops and has sold millions of dollars worth of surfing apparel. Heck, one of the co-founders is president of the International Surfing Association. You cannot get more legit than that.

Like I said, Reef has plenty of styles available.  It doesn't matter whether you prefer fashionable leather flip flops or a practical athletic pair made of EVA.

A Reef Leather Smoothy
A Reef Leather Smoothy

The Most Popular Styles of Reef Flip Flops

The most popular styles of flip flops that Reef manufactures are without a doubt the Reef Fanning and the Reef Smoothy.  The Reef Fanning is nigh indestructable, and it's perfect for all manner of athletics.  It's tough EVA construction means that this sandal will provide its owner years of use.  Plus, the Fanning is infamous for its integrated bottle opener.  Though the company says it's for "opening soda," we aren't dumb. ;)

The Reef Leather Smoothy and Countour Smoothy are the second most popular Reef designs.  The Leather Smoothy is one of the nicest looking pairs of flip flops on the market (in my opinion of course) and it's lower priced brother the Countour Smoothy ain't half bad either.  The Leathers are water resistant to a point, but if you're going wading in the ocean all day I would reccomend you go with a pair of Fannings or Contours.

Where to Buy Discounted Reef Flip Flops

Many makes and models of Reef flip flops and sandals can be purchased online.  This route is usually much cheaper than going to a brick and mortar store, say like Dick's Sporting Goods for example.

If you're worried about your flip flops not fitting once they arrive at your door, don't.  Most online shoe retailers, such as Zappos, offer free return shipping for shoes that don't fit.


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    • profile image

      bullrider 7 years ago

      I have been wearing the Reef Fannings for 3 years now and love them. I just have not found them to be indestructible as your statement says. I have gone through a pair every 3-months since living in Mexico for one reason or another. The arch straps come unglued, the soles start to separate from the body, etc. Wish I could get a pair of those indestructible ones sent to me.

    • lumberjack profile image

      lumberjack 8 years ago


    • Montana Farm Girl profile image

      Montana Farm Girl 8 years ago from Northwestern Montana

      Love flip flops of all kinds....did not know about these~ very informative!!