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Popular and Stylish Flip Flops for Men

Updated on June 24, 2011

What Makes Sandals and Flip Flops So Popular?

In recent years, flip flops have become a must have item for men's summer fashion. At their most basic, and cheapest, flip flops consist of a thin rubber sole with a rubber thong that passes between the toes.

Over the years these types of sandals have reached broad appeal throughout the world and are immensely popular. People in developing nations love them due to their low cost, others just enjoy the feeling of freedom that these sandals provide.

Some Names For Flip Flops Throughout The World:

India - Hawaii Chappals

Australia - Thongs

South Africa - Slip Slops

New Zealand - Jandals

Reef Fanning Flip Flops
Reef Fanning Flip Flops

What Styles of Flip Flops Are Popular Among Men?

Currently the men's flip flop market is pretty saturated with options.  Luckily for you, the consumer, this means you are sure to find a pair you like.  The most popular styles of flip flops available tend to be leather, hemp, or heavy-duty rubber.

The cheap polyurethane flip flops you'll find at Old Navy or Wal-Mart are uncomfortable, unstylish, and unreliable.  They tend to break and I do not recommend them.  Instead, here are some brans of popular flip flops I recommend.

Popular Brands of Flip Flops For Men

Whether you are interested in comfortable leather, all-natural hemp, or activewear flip flops these brands will have what you need.

Popular Reef Flip Flops

Reef was founded by two professional surfers from Argentina and their footwear is the real deal.  Reef flips flops are designed to be tough and reliable for active folks, as well as stylish, and this has made them one of the most popular manufacturers of flip flops in the world.  Two styles I recommend are:

Reef Fanning - These flip flops are composed of synthetic nubuck and arch-molded EVA  What's that even mean?  It means that they are waterproof and built to last.  Plus, the Reef Fanning has a bottle opener on the bottom to open your "soda" bottles!

Reef Leather Smoothie - The Reef Leather Smoothies are less water resistant than their Fanning counterparts, but more stylish and fashionable due to their leather footbed.  Also, like all Reef products, the Leather Smoothie is built to last.

Sanuk Fur Real Flip Flops
Sanuk Fur Real Flip Flops

Popular Sanuk Flip Flops

Sanuk is a Thai word meaning "fun" and that's what their sandals and flip flops represent. Their first flip flops were made of carpet, not something I would recommend, but today the brand has normalized a bit. Now these flip flops aren't exactly made for ocean wading, or popular with surfers, but they have found their place in the fashion world. Some popular styles of Sanuk sandals are:

Sanuk Fur Real - The Fur Real is billed as "the original trailer trash sandal" and it's easy to see why. These flip flops are made of green indoor-outdoor carpet and for some reason are a fashion hit.

Sanuk Fraid Not - The Fraid Not flip flop is a bit more orthodox than the Fur Reals.  These are similar to the Reef Leather Smoothie and are composed of a leather footbed atop a rubber sole.  The straps are either frayed canvas or suede and these flip flops look great with jeans.

Popular Rainbow Flip Flops

Rainbow Sandals are some of the highest quality and environmentally friendly flip flops on the market.  All Rainbow flip flops are designed with "sponge rubber" soles that mould to the wearer's feet and are very comfortable.  Plus one can even get all-natural hemp sandals - perfect for vegetarians and environmentalists alike!  Some popular models of Rainbow sandals are:

Rainbow Hemp - Rainbow Hemp Flip Flops are made of all natural hemp fiber and feature a triple-layer construction.

Rainbow Leather - Rainbow Leather Flip Flops are the same as the hemp, but with a leather footbed.

Both products are very similar, the only difference is in materials, and are becoming extremely popular.  Check this hub for cheap Rainbow sandals.

OluKai Hiapo Flip Flops
OluKai Hiapo Flip Flops

Popular OluKai Flip Flops

OluKai flip flops are from the Hawaiian Islands. If you buy from them expect to receive a premium flip flop... at a premium price. These sandals can run over $100, but in return you get water-resistant environmentally conscious leathers and the best synthetic materials available. Two popular styles of OluKai flip flops are:

OluKai Hiapo - These flip flops are the cream of the crop. The straps are lined with water-resistant, and very soft, pigskin and the footbed is laser etched with traditional Hawaiian artwork. These flip flops are sure to turn heads.

OluKai Ohana - Ohana is Hawaiian for family (learned that from Lilo and Stitch!) and OluKai wants their footwear to become part of your family! Yeah... that's kinda strange. Regardless, the Ohana flip flops are supposedly some of the most comfortable - and durable - flip flops in existence. Plus they are a bit more affordable than their Hiapo brethren.


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