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Popular color of year 2013 - pink

Updated on August 5, 2016

Pink clothes

In 2013 the most popular color is pink. I love it too. We've seen pink clothes at many younger girls before, but the fashion said that this year is in pink color. So, now we can see this color even at olders. It's gentle, cute color, suitable for all oportunities. For meeting, for work, or even for dinner at your best restaurant. Pink is popular.

But we aren't just talking about pink shirts. We also must mention pink jeans, trousers, hats and others. It's even popular at dog clothes.


Pink tops and tees

Let's start with tops and tees. Pink tops and tees are suitable for all occasions. You can wear them for everyday, at work, or you can wear them for some special occasions.

These are in one way the most popular, because all population can wear them. For younger there are opened tops and tees, some even sleeveless. But for older the most popular are blouses and t-shirts.


Pink jeans, pants, legging pants

The pink pants, trousers, jeans and legging pants are popular too. They can be long, short or ''capri'' style. The cut briefs can be different - A-style, level cut, bell-shaped cut, or many more. Even material of pants can be different - from jeans, to velvet.

If I tell you, what I like: I like the bell-shaped cut and the pants must have elastane. I like jeans and I also like capri or jogging pants.


Pink dresses

Finally we came to dresses. There can be short dresses, or long dresses, as long as they are pink. Even many brides decide to use pink color for their wedding dress. And many girls decide to take pink dress for prom. It's hard to talk just for one shape of dress, because there are so many styles and designs made for them. You can also make one yourself if you know how to sew.

But the most popular are short dresses for the summer. They can be dressed at home or somewhere else. And some of them are so simple. And you even can have pink dress with some other color, for example pink and black... It looks pretty too.

I'm wondering...

Do you like pink color?

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    • carol7777 profile image

      carol stanley 4 years ago from Arizona

      I love certain shades of pink...those that are grayed and toned. Fun hub..and good luck with continued writing.