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Post Operative Care after Lasik Surgery

Updated on June 20, 2011

Lasik is a kind of refractive surgery for correcting astigmatism, hyperopia and myopia. Ophthalmologists generally perform Lasik by using laser for patient’s faster recovery. In 1960, this technique is discovered by Jose Barraquer in Columbia.He had done the first operation by cutting thin flaps in cornea to alter the shape of it.

In 1981 Rangawamy Srinivasan had used ultraviolet chemical laser to cut tissues in specific manner with almost no damage to the eye and its surroundings. In 1990 Lucio Buratto and Loannis Pallikaris had merged the previous techniques and as a result it became rapidly popular for less complication and desired result. One year later Stephen Brint and Stephen Slade had performed the surgery in US for the first time.

The procedure of Lasik surgery:

The first step of the surgery is anesthetizing of your eyes. Your eyes will become numb and you will feel no pain or discomfort. Then, microkeratome which comprises of a suction ring, a small instrument will be used to create ultra-thin flap in the cornea. The suction ring banks on vacuum pressure to hold the eyes in place, a plate and a blade and a motor which is responsible for moving the blade throughout your eye-surface.

After this, a flap will be created in your cornea and an excimer laser will be used for reshaping the corneal tissue. It changes the focus of light in your eyes. Next the corneal flap will be replaced by your surgeon. The entire process will take only 10 minutes and your surgeon may take some additional time for preparation.

The cost of the Lasik surgery

Generally the cost of the Lasik surgery varies from person to person depending on their problems and complications. It usually costs $1000 per eye. But these days the average cost of Lasik surgery has risen. The inclusion of new technologies and surgical procedures may be the reason of the rising cost. Different surgeons perform different kinds of pre-operative tests that may cause pushing up the cost of the Lasik.

You need to care of your eyes after Lasik surgery. Here we have discussed step by step of the care should be taken.

1. First 24 hours after Lasik

  • Mild irritation, redness, and tearing are the normal symptoms for first 24 hours. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory can be recommended for reducing these problems.
  • You may go through sensitivity to light, glare, halos around lights or starbursts.
  • After completing the Lasik eye surgery you will be taken to a dark room. For 20 - 30 minutes you have to close your eyes. After some medical examinations you will be allowed to go home but not to drive a car. You have to wear a plastic eye guards continuously to the next morning.
  • Reading, computer work, and watching TV are strictly prohibited. Total rest for first 24 hours is recommended after the Lasik surgery.
  • You may smoke but the smoke may irritate your eyes.
  • After the Lasik procedure, you need to take immediate sleep.
  • You need to remove your plastic eye guards and after 2-4 hours and use lubricant eye drops as your doctor directs for preventing dryness and any other complication.
  • Do not rub, poke, touch or squeeze your eyes.
  • Avoid water and soap in the eyes.

2. Postoperative care in 1 day after Lasik surgery

  • The patient feel improved vision but dryness, sensitivity to light, glare halos around light, star burst.
  • You need to use steroids, antibiotics, and other medicines that you regularly take.
  • You should wear plastic eye guard at night.
  • Use sun-glasses for 1 month when you will go out for preventing the foreign bodies and ultraviolet rays.
  • You may drive a little up to your comfort limit.
  • You may go for work also but taking too much stress may be harmful for your eyes.
  • Watching TV, reading, and working on computer can be done but make sure that your eyes are well lubricated and you should blink your eyes frequently.
  • Resuming jogging, aerobics or weightlifting should be healthy for you. Avoid increasing your level of exercise for 2 weeks.
  • Rubbing eyes is strictly prohibited for at least 5 days.
  • Soap and water should be avoided.
  • For at least 7 days hard work, gardening, grass cutting, working in your yard, dusting or that kind of work should be avoided.
  • For 7 days lotion, eye makeup or any cream should be avoided.

3. Postoperative care 7 days after Lasik surgery

  • You will find better vision one week after Lasik eye surgery. Halos will be gone during day time and minimal at night.
  • Definitely go for eye examination after one week of your Lasik eye surgery.
  • If you feel better you may off the anti-inflammatory eye drop and antibiotic.
  • The plastic eye shields are not needed any more at night.
  • Your eyes should be lubricated well and you are advised to use the creams, lotions and eye makeup with a bit caution.
  • Avoid contact sports, whirlpool, swimming and hot tubs.
  • Use sun-glasses to keep foreign bodies away from your eyes and to protect from ultraviolet rays.

4. Postoperative care in 3 weeks after Lasik

  • Some time will be needed to habituate your improved vision with your earlier life. And gradually you can start intense activity.
  • Visit doctor’s chamber for eye check up after a month.
  • Swimming and other strenuous sports can be started but with full protection.
  • Wear sun-glasses for protecting your eyes from ultraviolet rays and foreign bodies.
  • Gardening, lawn mowing and that kind of job should not be resumed still.

5. Postoperative care in 3 - 6 months after Lasik

  • If you want further enhancement or surgery you have to for three months at least.

  • Eye examination should be done after 3 months of your Lasik eye surgery and 6 months after if your doctor recommended for further surgery only then it would be done.

  • You can lead normal life with a bit care of your eyes.

It is probably the shortest way to improve your vision in few minutes. Eye infected patients should not go for Lasik surgery. Cataracts and glaucoma or eye problems like that cannot be cured by the Lasik eye surgery.


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