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Tips for Summer Skin Care- Treat your Skin Well!

Updated on July 9, 2012

In the peak of the summer, we all want to be out and about enjoying the outdoor events that come with great weather. Finally, people are out and about and the energy of life is at its highest wherever one turns. The only downside? The intense sun that can take some of the pleasure out of early afternoon fun. We can only accept that in order to enjoy the many aspects of the summer, we must likewise endure the cruelty of intense heat/sun. But, we don't have to bear other side-effects of sun's havoc on our skin- the sun burns, intense patchy tans, tender/dry name it.

I have compiled some helpful to-do tips on how to prevent what's preventable and how to best keep your skin healthy over the summer months.

First, read this! It is one of the most informative articles I have found on the relationship between sun, sunscreen and skin:

The first tip is prevention. Let your skin be sun-screen free in the shade or light sun, since it's important for your body to produce vitamin D naturally in the sun-light. When in the sun for an extended period of time, natural sunscreen with 30+ spf and above is ideal. Do invest in a natural sunscreen without harsh chemicals. Better yet, make your own! The best way to go about this is to purchase zinc oxide powder (or diaper rash cream that's essentially zinc oxide in a cream form) and mix it with either coconut oil, carrot seed oil, wheat germ oil and red raspberry seed oil. Zinc oxide is used in all natural sun-screens as an effective UV blocker. The oils, moreover, have been measured to contain natural SPF protection. Red rasberry seed oil contains anywhere between 28 to 50 in spf protection, carrot seed oil contains 38 to 40 spf, wheat germ oil contains 20 spf and coconut oil contains 4 to 6 spf. Using coconut oil as a base, add a few drops of any one of the other oils and a dab of zinc oxide (very white substance- a little goes a long way). Mix, and you're all set. Reapply after a few hours in the intense sun.

After you come back back home from your sunny adventures, it's time to hydrate your skin. It's best to use coconut oil (reduces inflammation, eliminates free radicals and conditions the skin). You can also use natural lotion and aloe vera gel/cream; both work effectively to saturate the skin with nutrients and conditioning properties. Make sure you also get plenty of hydration internally by drinking water, green-tea and coconut water. Skip the sugary drinks and coffee!

What I also find pleasant is to have a facial mask after spending a lot of time in the sun. I feel very good that I'm conditioning my skin and that I'm repairing any dryness and irritation that's been caused by the sun.

The following are the best ingredients to use in a facial mask after sun exposure:

carrots, honey, cucumber, avocado, yogurt, banana and almond/coconut milk

What if you've developed an unpleasant sun-burn? Well, there are natural ways to ensure that your skin is well-repaired afterwards.

For internal repair, get plenty of vitamin C and anti-oxidants in your system.

Externally, make sure you first reduce the inflammation with an ice-pack. When a sun-burn develops, be aware that you don't further expose that part of your skin to the sun until the sun-burn heals. Next, if you do have lavender oil, apply a few diluted drops on the burn; lavender oil is wonderful for the skin and has natural healing and anti-inflammatory properties. Then, apply coconut oil on the affected region; coconut oil has similar properties as lavender oil, but its oily nature acts as a balm that is thoroughly conditioning for the skin. You may substitute the coconut oil with pure/natural aloe vera gel (preferably the kind that does not contain any chemicals that are drying to the skin but that does include vitamin E). Although, I can't recommend coconut oil enough for sunburns or any other skin ailments.



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    • AnesaK profile image

      AnesaK 5 years ago from USA

      Dear Bredavies, I hope your friends take some of this advice- I am sure they will benefit from it greatly :).

      Brett-stephen, thank you very much for the feed-back!

    • brett-stephen profile image

      brett-stephen 5 years ago from Miami

      Excellent hub, thanks for sharing skin care tips for post sun exposure.

    • Bredavies profile image

      Bredavies 5 years ago

      Perfect. My friends always get very sun burnt, I will share this advice with them and fellow hubbers. much thanks.