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Practical, Fun Clogs Shoes Suit Any Occasion!

Updated on March 20, 2011

Clogs Shoes Exploded In Popularity In 2003

Clogs shoes have been around for years but became hugely popular in 2003 with the introduction of a plastic clog. Within a couple of years many brands and styles of these clogs shoes began flooding the market, especially at discount retailers. Clogs shoes come in many bright colors and usually resemble Swiss cheese with it's hole-y appearance. Those holes are known as ports and most clogs have them. They also feature a strap that can be used as a back, like a sandal, or can be flipped up to resemble a wooden clog shoe.

Clogs Shoes Are Lightweight & Fashionable

Plastic clogs shoes are lightweight and fashionable, making them ideal for wearing at the beach. At first these shoes were only available in a limited number of colors, but they have become so popular that manufacturers are making them in every color imaginable.

The styles and colors of clogs shoes are literally infinite!
The styles and colors of clogs shoes are literally infinite!

You can also buy them with patterns, like animal prints or psychedelic swirls. One company has even designed cute accessories for clogs shoes that clip into the hole.

Clogs shoes come in any size, from baby to adult, and are not limited to being worn at the beach. They are so comfortable that people wear them to work, play and shop. There are even therapeutic designs of clogs shoes for people who have back and foot pain.

Bright, colorful, fun clogs are great for any occasion!
Bright, colorful, fun clogs are great for any occasion!
Faux-fur lined clogs make superlative home slippers!
Faux-fur lined clogs make superlative home slippers!

Clogs Shoes Can Replace Almost Your Entire Footwear Wardrobe!

Don't ever confuse quality clogs with cheap, imported wholesale flip flops. Clogs shoes come in high quality models that are just as suitable for the quality shopper as any Dexter shoes, K1X(Kickz) shoes, MIA shoes, Pony shoes, LAMB shoes, Report shoes, or Air Force One shoes. Yes, I haven't taken leave of my senses, I definitely did mean the holy grail of footweardom, the Air Force Ones!

Whether you're looking for mens Clogs shoes or Clogs womens shoes when you invest in a great Clogs shoe, you will be very glad you did. The clog shoe is extremely practical, comfortable, and suitable for all but the most formal occasion. Personally I've been wearing my clog shoes exclusively since early May and I have not put on any other shoe since. I just love my Clogs shoes for men!

Fine quality men's Clogs shoes and women's Clogs shoes are available through various retailers and proprietary styles and models such as Clarks Clogs shoes, Dansko Clogs shoes or specialty Clogs shoes, such as nursing Clogs shoes, or novelty styles such as Clogs mules shoes, and wooden Clogs shoes.

There is no end to the exciting and decorative accessories to fill up all of your clog's holes!
There is no end to the exciting and decorative accessories to fill up all of your clog's holes!

Beware Of Slipping In Clogs Shoes

 Plastic clogs shoes have become very popular but people should wear them with caution. The soft plastic material has been known to get caught in the sides of escalators, causing serious damage to people's feet.

These shoes were designed to be slip resistant, however you'll find that stepping in a puddle on the sidewalk will have you falling on your bottom in a quick second. So be careful when you're wearing your clogs shoes... remember they aren't exactly hiking boots!

Crocs, Flip-Flops, Open-Toe Shoes Banned At Hospital

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    • Hal Licino profile imageAUTHOR

      Hal Licino 

      10 years ago from Toronto

      I've been wearing them nonstop for months. Just take them off to sleep! :)

    • maggs224 profile image


      10 years ago from Sunny Spain

      I love them they are by far the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn


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