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Praying Hands Tattoo Ideas - Cross Designs

Updated on April 10, 2012

Those people who feel the spirit of religion in their life may consider getting a religious themed tattoo. While crosses and images of religious icons are popular, another popular alternative is the praying hands tattoo. There are many different styles of praying hands tattoos, and these tattoos look great in many popular tattoo locations.

The praying hands tattoo on the ankle is a classy way to show your faith while a larger symbol on the chest or back can be easily covered up with nearly any shirt.

Some people may prefer a tattoo in a more prominent location like the upper arm, lower arm, neck or wrist. No matter where you choose, you are sure to get many comments from those who see your tattoo and feel moved by the feelings it evokes.

Some faiths do feel that tattoos are not appropriate, so you want to look deep in your heart and maybe speak with someone in your church or place of worship to see if one of these may be right for you. If you decide to get one of these tattoos, they can be a visible reminder to you every day of the power of faith and prayer.

Enjoy these images of praying hands tattoos, and maybe you can get some ideas for your next tattoo!


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      Flossie 6 years ago

      Thank for letting me see these tattoos I am going to use on of tgem