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Premier Design Jewelry Charms Review: Silver, Gold, Two Tone

Updated on January 15, 2015

Premier Designs Charms

Premier Designs charms attest more than any other jewelry to the company's eclectic and versatile design approach. Not only the charms themselves, but also the pins, brooches, as well as the smaller pendants can function as charms – attach to bracelets, necklaces, and other accessories.

In line with similar items offered by such brands as Brighton, Juicy Couture, and even the high fashion Tiffany and Co., Premier employ a range of fashion related themes in this department. These motifs have already become a tradition in themselves: replications of accessories such as handbags and sunglasses; miniatures of familiar urban objects such as buses, famous buildings, and more.

Both alloys (silver and gold plated) and gemstones and crystals become the main materials, although enamel, a coating that allows to draw finer details , can also be encountered in separate lines. Let;s take a closer look:

Designer Charms
Designer Charms
  • Charm Slides can be initially mistaken for rings, since they imitate their basic shape, though in smaller proportions (which possibly can be increased using the correct instruments). The slides usually come in series of several pieces, and consist of a gold tone band on which colorful gems or crystals have been set in rhythmic, festive patterns.

  • Link Bracelet charms also come in series of a few pieces, designed and made based on several common themes and materials. These pieces reveal Premier intent to try jewelry making in the style of the popular Pandora company: a do it yourself (or assemble it yourself) style. The charms employ stainless steel (an alloy rarely used in Premier Designs) squares on which enamel miniatures appear.

  • Hearts, Crosses, Floral charms fall into the more traditional pieces that dangle from bracelet and necklace chains, complimenting the main strand, and/or the larger pendant hanging from it. They are more traditional, and can function as unpretentious play jewelry.


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