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Premier Designs Earrings Jewelry Review: Faux Gemstones, Silver Tone,

Updated on January 15, 2015

Premier Designs Earrings

Like other jewelry types Premier Designs make, earrings display a close relationship with various circle based shapes. Even the flat earrings often describe large arches that allow them to define and control the space around them, and the ears. As a result, Premier earrings will naturally suit oval faces, especially the larger ones.

Gemstones introduce color which the gold and silver tone alloys compliment or offset, depending on the intensity of the hues. Some of the models incorporate crystals which, when combined with the metal plating, become iridescent sources of sparkle and light.

On the other hand, Premier offer an entire department of opaque earrings that appear to subdue the light instead of reflecting it, providing a fashion alternative for brand fans. Let's take a closer look as some of the models on offer.

Designer Earrings
Designer Earrings
  • Silver Openwork earrings are among the most popular, and feature a classic design where two perpendicular bands of alloy intersect: one attaches to the ear, the other hangs in the air. It's a symmetrical arrangement that eschews the pitfalls of aesthetic stagnation, varying the size and the positions of the components.

  • Celebrity, Hot Cakes, With It models consist of a single arch or nearly complete ellipse made of alloy, gold or silver plated, that was twisted to refract light in a shifting pattern. It's the most straightforward design made as elaborate as possible.

  • Madeline, Lady Fair, Gold Rush feature a single line on which various beads and gemstones were stranded. Some display a potpourri of color and texture, mixing materials, other opt for a uniform and more formal look (for instance, faux pearls models).

  • Shannon, Bistro remind of French wire type earrings, though instead of elaborate metal and openwork, employ metal beads and links (staying true to brand principle of using spheric shapes in the jewelry), completing them with a medium sized gems.


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