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Premier Designs Fashion Jewelry Bracelets Review

Updated on January 6, 2015

Premier Designs Bracelets

Premier Designs bracelets offer a series of fresh, almost experimental looking jewelry. Some of the pieces look very loosely, fluidly assembled, others appear explosive, even dangerous – a series of creations that exhibit qualities rarely found in the necklaces or earrings. Besides these items Premier provide a range of classic designs that offset the spirit of the other pieces with strict formal visuals.

The selection includes bangle, strand (and multiple strand), charm, and other types of bracelets made of gemstones we encounter in other jewelry, and of alloys. As it often happens, metallic bracelets often replicate existing necklace forms; some of the items made entirely of alloy present new designs as well.

Gems, however, play a more dominant role in this department, appearing in a variety of shapes, forms, and colors, and sometimes joining with alloys in surprising configurations. Let's take a closer look at some of the models on offer:

Designer Bracelet
Designer Bracelet


  • Somerset, Raindrops, Promise are charm bracelet models consisting of a single link chain of varying complexity (from basic links to ones embellished with elaborate botanical motifs), to which gemstones, crosses, or other alloy shapes attach. When worn, these pieces will constantly move and shake – and will naturally suit lively, energetic personalities.

  • Pacific, Exotic bangles display sophisticated metalwork, and clear, strong character. Being strictly metallic, these bracelets can be effective casual jewelry – the lacy appearance providing the zest without overbearing.

  • Elaine, Cajun bangles resemble the previously discussed lines only in basic shape; they're completely covered in faux pearls or corals, and project an undeniable luxurious quality. Both lines will thrive in dark evening setting, and can appeal to fashion, or just self aware ladies wishing to make a statement.

  • Waterfall, Venetian, Durango and similar models opt for a strand design, sometimes multiplied several times for more volume – these lines make up the bulk of Premier Designs jewelry assortment, and blend gems with silver and gold plated alloys.


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