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Premier Designs Fashion Jewelry Necklace Review

Updated on January 6, 2015

Premier Designs Necklaces

Premier Designs necklaces reflect the company's chief design characteristics: broad, open arrangements, and expressive colors (and color contrasts). Circles and spheres become an essential motif – they act as links in the chains, as decorative metallic pieces, and as ornamental beads – generating a sense of harmony. The circular form is often considered the “perfect shape” in geometry; Premier necklaces, as well as other jewelry items, reveal a well established familiarity with this concept.

Importantly, brand designers were careful not to overdo the reliance on the “perfect shape,” on the one hand varying the form itself by introducing oval and other derivative pieces, and on the other, avoiding strict round model such as the choker. Let's take a closer look at some of the models Premier Designs have to offer:

Designer Necklace
Designer Necklace


  • Integrity, Durango feature a thin link chain or a string on which beads of faux turquoise and other semi-precious simulants spread in close proximity. Classic single strand necklaces with vibrant color and character.

  • Patina, Concord, and similar models consist of a thin alloy basis – a few thin strands, or a string – on which a large metallic pendant hangs. The main piece can be either polished or etched, making the sheen or the scrollwork the additional embellishment. “High Profile” necklace substitutes the metallic centerpiece for a large gemstone.

  • Rainforest, Sun Kissed join an entire series of multi-strand, loose necklaces that project personality and flexibility rarely encountered in jewelry. The strands can consist of either metal or string, and can incorporate a range of gemstones and beads, strung closely together.

  • Palazzo, Socialate present a version of the previous type. Two notable changes include the addition of metal beads, and a wider scattering of them across the string.

  • Sunset features a set of fat, large gems (which can get bigger towards the chest area in other models) which project a characteristic, lavish look.


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